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Sunday, March 29, 2009 Blogs and Entrecard

For those on Entrecard we know that blogs are having to remove the widget. Well I happen to read quite a few of these blogs and don't want to lose track of them so I am offering a link on my blogroll if you'll leave it here. Even if you don't use and you want to be added to my blogroll please leave your link. I just ask that you add my link to yours as well. Why not spread the linky love? haha I do often refer to my blogroll for latest posts. I'll feel much better knowing I won't lose track of any of those blogs that I have enjoyed reading.

On a completely different note I went and saw another movie today. It was Monsters Vs. Aliens. I don't know what I really expected. I think I expected MORE monster. Shoot, more aliens even. I don't want to post spoilers. It was a good movie overall but just not quite exactly what I thought it would be. The kids seemed to enjoy it a lot and that is what counts.


Izzy Daniels said...

Sounds like a plan to me :)

I have three blogs that I am whiling to to do this with, one of which is on

Links are...

I shall go post your link on them now. and thanks

Sandi said...

I have added yours to my blogroll! :)

☆Willa☆ said...

I would love to trade link with you, I will use my blogspot blog

Bill said...

We watched that today also and it was ok. i agree with you i thought there would be more stuff to it. Have a great week ahead Sandi.

Karsun said...

I already have you on my blogroll because I read your stuff every day. :) Mine is

Johanna said...

Would you add my link to your blogroll? It's obviously not but since you're offering.. ;) I'd be very happy to link to you as well.

Sandi said...

I have added you all to my blogroll.

lanne said...

Hi Sandi,
I have added you to

Sandi said...

I've got you added lanne!

Barry said...

OK, it makes you wonder - why would care if an Entrecard widget is on a blog?

I have recently shortened my blogroll on Be Your Own Detective (some blogs were pretty dead that had been one there) and I had already added your blog.

Anonymous said...

hi, please include mine too. I will add yours then. Thanks in advance.. muahhhugs

Flo said...

That is quite sad about and Entrecard. I really believe in EC so it's a bit disappointing that Today doesn't seem to think it's good.

By the way, I have added you to my blogroll. It would be great if you could add my link. Thanks a lot! ^^


Stanis said...

here is my link:

you are already on me blogroll!

Sandi said...

I've got you all added so far! :) Thanks for having me on your blogroll as well.

The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, I'm glad I found your blog and have truly enjoyed following it since I did.

I added you to my blogroll and hope you will return the favor.

Thanks, Craig

SLColman said...

I have added you to my blogroll :) And would love to be added to yours!

- Stephanie @

Crystal Chick said...

Here's my link ... (or will get you to the same place)


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