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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair Care.....Down There

Yes. That is exactly what I mean. I have read so much online pretty much on accident on whether or not men and women prefer their partner to be shaved down there. It's pretty much a personal preference. Some women like to be shaved completely and some men prefer it. Here is what I have gathered from what I have read. Most women like their men trimmed but not bald because it's way too dirty movie for them. Or so it seems. Most men prefer shaved or landing strip. Some men and women do not like totally shaved because it seems too creepy if you catch my drift. I have also seen shaving stencils. Have you seen these? I can't decide if it's something that I would like or not. I think it might be neat for like a kinky night but I think beyond that having myself groomed in the shape of a heart could be slightly strange. I saw lightening bolts, x shapes and even arrows! What is your opinion on these stencils? I am just not sure. I found this site in my search: Hair Care Down There. I am still on the fence about this. I am thinking some guys would find it hot, and others would probably be slightly creeped out!


Anonymous said...

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Mike J said...

Just give me a neat landing strip :)

Bill said...

I prefer shaved myself LOL. That is just my personnel preference.

Stephanie said...

ROFLMBO!!! OMG too funny :)

kruel74 said...

I love it if there is nothing there and actually was something we do as foreplay as I do it for her

Shelly said...

I prefer to "trim" my own parts. I could never get waxed down there and don't know how women do the nakedness, lol. I've tried the experimental, have a crazy night, surprise for your partner thing...only to remember afterwards the gyno visit 3 days later...I had to reschedule.

Karsun said...

From a girl's point of view, shaved is what I like for myself. TMI? Not keen on landing strips but it's better than a garden I guess. :)

Steve said...

Landing strips are nice. A smilie face would be cool too. :)

Dorothy L said...

Ha...nice question and a bit daring for some.

Hey.. I wrote an article on oral sex so I am not in the least bit offended.

I believe whats good for the goose is good for the to speak.

If couples are not into oral sex than why bother except for the bikini time of the year!

It is a pain in the play on words there :) to maintain any areas shaved on ones body.

Bottom line it is a personal preference.

My preference is nice & neat please:)

Thanks for the realistic question!


Shu Fen said...

lol tt's just plain weird :/ well maybe to conservative asians like me ^^ and isn't it too much of a hassle? :D

Anonymous said...

Well I don't think it matters all that much. I mean I feel fairly certain nobody wants to lick Chewbacca but provided it is neat I wouldnt think most guys had too much of a preference.
Also I'd think that the "hair care" would almost never be a deal breaker.

Cameron said...

I think the stencil thing would be fun...especially with the video camera rolling :)

Chris said...

Trimmed is nice. Some times baby smooth is nice. But from a guys point of view I think I like to shave mine is Makes my hand feel so much smaller if you know what I mean?

Wife tried the stencil once and it didn't go quite so well. But hey we try everything once.

It's Just Me said...

OK, coming in from Hot Dad's blog... this post is sooo funny. Stencils? Really? I think that may have just pushed the limit - especially the arrow... may be a bit much ;)

Prpldy said...

My ex preferred totally un-shaved. He liked hair and so do I. No razors for me please. We prefer the natural garden.

Trixie M. said...

I prefer to shave! it look nice and clean just the fact that its itchy when it grows. lol! I read your other blog and I can say that your a really strong person and a very pretty mom!. Keep it up!..


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