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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do Snakes Freak You Out?

Really they don't bother me. As a kid I went out of my way to catch a snake. Seriously I had a method. I live in Illinois so my chances of catching a poisonous snake were much more slim but still, I probably shouldn't have been chasing after snakes. They still fascinate me although I won't be trying to capture them again any time soon.

This picture was taken at a local wildlife park. This guy came out to greet us. I got some great pics and I am getting a bit anxious for warm weather so I can get out and see the beauty of this place and all the animals again soon.

It might surprise some, being the feminine girl I am now but as a kid I was pretty tom boyish. I liked to play with matchbox cars in the mud. My favorite game was cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. Those were the old days. I also loved collecting spiders and grasshoppers. My poor poor mother. I would catch as many large grasshoppers as I could out of our garden and stuff them into a big white bucket my mom used for things. I took the bucket, caught grasshoppers all day long, filled the bucket, and put the lid on and forgot about it. Horrible I know! I was like 7. Anyway my mom never failed to come outside, find the bucket and mumble to herself about why it was outside and she'd take off the lid and guess what? Ohhhhh yes. A face full of grasshoppers anxious to get out of the bucket.

I'm sorry mom. LOL


Bill said...

small snakes i am not to much afraid of.You get me around those big ones like a boa and i am out of here lol

Lindsayanng said...

i was EXACTLY the same way.. i once tried to save a LOAD of snakes that my neighbor i guess puled out from his shed. He was cutting hteir heads off with a shovel!! Anyways, i saved a bunch, but i got bot about 20 times.. I was 12 at the time, and i live in CT and theres only ONE type of poisonous snake and i KNEW what it looked like.

I also had a cricket VILLIAGE. We (my sister, brother and i) had a super long under the bed type of tupperware that was filled with dirt and we planted live plants in there. Sort of like a terrarium. Anyways, we had about 30 crickets and we used fabric puff paint to color code them. A tiny spot on their backs never bothered them but made it easier for us to NAME THEM!!

I also was mistaken for a boy more times than i'd like to admit, never wore girly clothes, and LOVED to play WAR and WRESTLING outside in the backyard.

Dwacon® said...

They taste good... in Sweetwater Texas is the annual rattlesnake chili cookoff.


Mike J said...

You posted this to mock me didn't you. Brat. :)

Sandi said...

lol Mike! I didn't think about your experience with snakes. :P

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