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Monday, May 14, 2012

Shopping Addict

I really am. Well I want to be. I love shopping but mostly for very girly things like, makeup, hair products, finger nail polish. My collection of fingernail polish is utterly ridiculous. I do however have really great nails and super healthy hair. This makes up for it right? haha I did some online shopping over the weekend on I love that website. It has all the name brand stuff I like to buy. If I'm not buying I like to window shop. Enough of that. It's just what I like to do when I have some $$ and some time.

I got a Kindle this past month. I had a Sony Reader and it took a crap a while back. So now I have a Kindle and I'm loving it. I need suggestions. What books should I download?? I need some ideas.

Mother's Day was great. I have a Starbucks Gift card I will be using soon. I got some other things too. It was a good day. How was your Mother's Day? Or what did you do for that special mom out there?? Fill me in. :)


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