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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tickling Makes Me ANGRY So STOP!


Ok I am extremely ticklish. I bet half of my readers immediately thought ooooh cool and considered all the ways I could be tortured. Well you see I am ticklish everywhere. It's NOT a fetish!!! Not for me ok? My nerves must be on over drive because I am insanely ticklish. I have tried to read a little on this online and all I get are fetishes and guys saying "do it more, she'll get used to it" and other equally moronic crap. I will NOT get used to it. Take a knife and stab yourself in the hand repeatedly until you get used to it. Sounds stupid right? Because it is! I do not enjoy being tickled. I may laugh because it's not something I can help. However when you're digging your claws in and tickling me more and more because I'm laughing I will eventually kick you, slap you, punch you or do anything else I can to get you off. I hate it. I despise it. I do not enjoy it. It sucks! I do NOT want to be tickled. Yes it "hurt". It's a strange sort of hurt. It makes me eventually cry. It does not end well.

So have I explained how ticklish I am? I think so. I know there are others out there like me. You do not have to accept being tickled insanely by someone who thinks it's funny or "get used to it". You can say stop and I hate that. Be mean if you have to. I had to. I do not like it and I feel the older I get the more ticklish I am. It does not interfere with sex. I am fine there. I can be breathed on anywhere but my ears. haha But actually physically tickling me is horrible. I can say that the only kind of tickling I sometimes enjoy is when I get a massage. It feels so good yet hurts so bad. lol That's the only one I tolerate. So if you're out there and you think you're significant other will just get used to it, think again and quit being an idiot. Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Tickling makes me angry as well. I don't enjoy it one bit. My belly hole and sides of my waist are most sensitive to tickling and my partner loves to tickle those. I push him away, and then have to deal with a grumpy partner. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

It s just past an hour since I was going to kill my husband because he tickled me. I could see his intention as soon as he touched my foot, I told him to stop, if not I was going to kick his balls. He didn't stop. At that time I was sitting on a rockin chair. I fall to the floor, hurt my arm. I m still feeling the unpleasant touch on my foot and a big anger. Why people are so ignorant about tickle issues. Also Aristoteles wrote a treaty about laugh and tickles .Anyone can died or kill because of tickles.


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