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Friday, December 30, 2011

Stomach Ache? Pain? Two Weeks?

Literally since my graduation night I have had off and on and stomach pain with other various issues. I am serious here. I am so ready for it to go away. I will think I'm better and fine then it hits me again. This comes with random nausea for no apparent reason and other stomach "issues". This is not like me. 2 weeks. Actually about 20 days at this point. It goes away, it comes back. Today I woke up with more tummy pains after a great birthday that ended with more stomach pains. I think it's enough. I'm DONE. Never had gastrointestinal issues for this long before. Stomach flu doesn't last this long!! :(

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cinnamon Chip Biscotti

Have you ever used Cinnamon Chips? If are missing out. They are Aaaamazing. Honestly I am shocked when I see the millions of chips at the stores all the time but it is hard to find the cinnamon chips. I make cinnamon chip gems each Christmas. I try not to any other time of the year so they are special to my family and myself. I decided to try something new. I found the recipe for cinnamon chip biscotti on the Hershey website. This is also where I got the gem recipe. The chips are made by Hershey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Ok, back to the point. I love coffee and I love biscotti. I also love cinnamon so I gave these a whirl. Here is the result. If you want the recipe you can go to Hershey's website and look up the cinnamon chips. There are a lot of recipes that I still plan to make.

Here are the cinnamon chip gems:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cooking, Baking, FOOD!

I love to cook. I also love to learn. I pretty much always need a hobby. I have taught myself to crochet, draw and of course I took it upon myself to get an education and become a nurse. So my next big thing? I want to cook. I mean REALLY cook. I have always loved to cook and bake. I love trying new things. I am a total foodie though. I am addicted to Food Network. I love watching Iron Chef. It is time I start doing this stuff myself. I know I can cook but I want to take it to the next level. So wish me luck! I will post pics when I cook things. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011


Well my birthday is in 3 days. This month was always a big one for me. I hated having a birthday so close to Christmas. I would constantly get Santa cards that said Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas inside. If you know someone with a birthday near or on Christmas and you've done it, shame on you. If you are thinking of doing it DON'T! I  ask for only one thing. I don't need a gift. I just want you to separate the two days. Would you give someone a santa card in July? Would you wrap their gifts in snowmen paper? NO. You would feel like an idiot as you should in December as well. It's a not a time to wrap birthday gifts in the Christmas scraps. Treat the days individually and you'll already be better than the rest and we'll love you. haha It's not that hard

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I have graduated in case you didn't know. I finally made it and have my Bachelor's Degree now. I have to take the boards still. I need to pass NCLEX but otherwise I am DONE. I am so relieved. I have a job already. I was offered a position on the Adult Medical Specialty Unit. I am really excited about that. I wanted this position. I love the unit. It is managed so well. I hope you are never my patient but if you are I promise the best possible care in the world. I love my patients! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


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