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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mmmmmm Warm Weather!

Seriously that's how delicious warm weather seems to me right now. I want sun! I want to wear my tank tops and shorts!! I am so ready to not go outside without a coat on! No more ice, no more snow....give me warmth! Ahem...ok. Well, as many might know, winter in Illinois can be rough. This year was particularly bad due to the lack of salt to put on the roads. The roads were hideous this year. I cannot imagine how many accidents there were. I am so happy to walk outside without the wind chill biting my face. Goodbye dry skin! Goodbye chapped lips!!! Hello swimsuit! The swimsuit above is the one I bought last year and never got the chance to wear. Obviously it's on a Victoria's Secret model in the picture....but you get the idea.


Bill said...

I know exactly what you mean. I was born in Illinois and it was so cold. When i decided to join the army i was so glad to get away from there. Now i live in Arizona and you could not pay me to live there in the winter. LOL

Dwacon® said...

Just please tell people to not commute on a bicycle in a short skirt. Too many accidents on the roads in spring.


you look good with pink


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