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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do You Support Your Local Bands?

*edited the links to the myspace pages, so they should work now. Please let me know if they do not!

Well...I do. But I am totally biased. There are two local bands around here. I have heard one so many times I have lost count. They are called Short Lived Fun. It's always a lot of fun when I go out and see them. The other band, Zero Gravity is good but I haven't seen them publicly yet. I am going out tonight to see them AND Short Lived Fun play. You might ask how I know Zero Gravity is good if I haven't yet heard them publicly. Well, the singer is my sister! So of course I know she's a wonderful singer. She's awesome and I cannot wait to hear her tonight. The band is fairly new so I am pretty excited about going out to hear them.

The other band, Short Lived Fun is really good. They have been around for awhile and always bring in a large crowd. My brother in law is the drummer. I always told him he looks a bit like Tommy Lee. Throw in the fact that he's a drummer and it's a done deal. lol So check these bands out on myspace if you are interested. Click the links or the pics!

My brother in law is in both bands. He is drummer in one, guitar player in the other and does some singing too. I am going to have a great time tonight. I'd love to see them get some new fans on Myspace or even locally so check them out! There is some serious talent in these bands! Mark, the singer for Short Lived Fun is awesome. The guitar players are unbelievable and always put on a great show.

Now I have to do this. I am telling you my brother in law resembles Tommy Lee minus all the tattoos. Younger too. ;) haha Anyway he dressed up as Tommy Lee for Halloween. Do you think I am imagining it?

oh and those tattoos aren't real. haha Those were for affect. The bumblebee is my sister. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm Weather Teaser and Jeff Dunham

It hit 60 yesterday. That's just a great big tease here since it's still just February. I appreciated it though and got out a bit. I am ready for full on hot summer weather, tank tops and shorts. I think I should move somewhere warm. I complain enough about the cold that I am not sure why I live here!

I have seen and heard of Jeff Dunham before, but recently while visiting my in laws we sat down and watched a few of his DVDS. I have to say we were all cracking up. This guy is pretty hilarious. He is a good ventriloquist. Even if he weren't, you wouldn't notice simply because his act is so funny. I like some of his "dummies" including Peanut, Walter and Achmed. I personally don't care for his super hero or redneck dummy but it's worth watching them all just to see Jalapeno on a Stiiiiiick. So check out this video and let me know if you find Jeff Dunham as hilarious as I do!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Word Verification SHUT OFF

I shut it off because the word is not loading. So if you had trouble being able to post comments, I am thinking it's a blogger issue. I had the same issue on another blog yesterday. Please feel free to leave a comment now. Let me know that it worked. :)

I Admit it, I like Harry Potter

I have no shame in saying I love reading Harry Potter books. Let me clarify something here though. Long long ago, I read a magazine that was giving a book review for this brand new book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I thought it looked kind of like a kid book, but I like anything with magic, fantasy, etc, so I though I'd read it and give my own opinion. I was sucked in immediately. I absolutely loved it. See I can relate to how I felt as a kid wishing I had some sort of magic powers. As an adult those dreams are sucked right out of you. I find nothing wrong with using the imagination a bit. I thought this was the ideal fantasy or daydream of any 11 year old! Who wouldn't want to find out one day they are a wizard and get to leave the horrid aunt and uncle who treat him like crap? Well, I just loved this idea. There were times I wished I could escape as a child too. Not long after I read the first book the whole thing became a giant craze. Everyone loved Harry Potter. It was huge and I didn't care. I knew I liked it because of my own opinion. It was not formed on the thoughts of others but my own. I like such a wide range of authors from John Grisham, Steven King, to Janette Oke!

The point of all this is I was strolling through Target last night and came upon the book above. I can't explain how giddy I was. I think maybe you can guess since I actually used the word "giddy". Yes, I admit it. I love Harry Potter and I fully intend on reading this book today. By the way, I have read the series 3 times!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What if Facebook Were Real Life?

Ok. I know I know...two posts in a row but I absolutely HAD to share this one. Hilarious!!!

Every Picture Tells a Story

I am going through a lot of my pictures tonight and really a picture does always have a story behind it. I was reading a book series. It's called Charlie Bone I believe. The whole idea behind it is quite a copy off Harry Potter I think but it wasn't bad. The kid finds out at age 11 he has some powers. Well, one in particular. Looking at a photograph he can hear what the people were doing or saying at the time the photo was taken. What this power is good for who knows. But you can see a picture from 100 years ago and know exactly what was going on. It's an interesting read for the most part. Anyway this picture is from 2005. My friend Kristy third from the left was having a surprise birthday party. We made her wear the cape and crown. I won't even say what kind of cake she had, made by her husband and brother in law. My best friend Diana is on the left, then of course me, Kristy, some girl I really don't know well and Jessica. We were in Diana's garage. That was the location for many parties. I am guessing this summer we'll have more there. It's always a really good time. I believe the girl I didn't know well had just found out she was pregnant when this picture was taken. Kristy and her husband are now divorced. A lot has happened in a few years!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Karaoke Anyone?

I love to sing and well, karaoke is the closest thing I have to getting an audience. haha I do love to get up there and belt out a tune or too. I am considering going out tonight. I might just have to give my sister a call! Anyone who has read any of my blogs for any small amount of time is aware of my love of singing but for those who haven't known or see one of my videos, well, here you go! :)

Click this Link to Hear And See Me Sing

Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking of One Vs. The Other, How About Myspace or Facebook?

I have had both of them for years. I was a member of Myspace when it was nothing. It was boring. I never got a message. The only music was annoying loud single song files screaming at you unexpectedly because in those days it was not the norm. I can sometimes be annoyed by music on sites. I have come to expect it on myspace so it does not bother me so much anymore. Please though, don't put it on your blog. At least do not have it start automatically. I sit on my couch with my laptop dropping cards, or reading other blogs. My baby could be sleeping, or my family watching TV or something and suddenly there is screaming music coming from my laptop. The baby wakes up crying, my family is shooting me dirty looks as though I CHOSE to listen to loud, irritating music during the best part of their movie. Ha! No, it's best not to have it on your blog or I'll click off of it pretty much as fast as I can.

Anyway, I have had Facebook since 2005. I have had Myspace for longer. I am guessing it might have been 2004 or something. I am not sure. I like being able to personalize my page. I hate all the apps. I use the poker one and that is about it. I don't even use it much anymore. The Facebook apps are WORSE. I love you all, but please don't send me a shot from 17 different Facebook apps or poke me or slap me with a chicken if I have to go allow them access to all my personal information. You do realize this right? Every time you add an app you are allowing an outside company NOT Facebook, access to your information. I don't like that. I often ignore a lot of app invites. They start to annoy me. I don't mind the one where you just poke back and forth. I just don't want to add any more annoying apps. I have to say I probably like Myspace better simply because it is simple, basic and easy to understand. I just don't want to mess with it. Facebook has it's good points. I like the constant updates and the ability to comment on them. I like the wall to wall stuff. I don't like that everyone gets updates when you leave a comment or post comments on pics or anything. That is irritating. You can't do anything private, you know? So what is your preference?

Friday Night Fun

It's Friday again and I really do need to get out. I have had a long week to say the least and I am ready to do something. I haven't decided just what yet. A movie? Out for drinks? I am not sure but I need to do something. I am hoping next weekend to go see my sister's band play. I haven't had the chance yet so I am really hoping it works out. She mentioned maybe sometime doing a song with me or allowing me to sing something. I love it when we sing together. Our voices just blend together so well. I will make sure to post updates on what we end up doing. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Firefox Vs. Internet Explorer?

I have been thinking of switching to Mozilla Firefox for some time now. It seems that people who switch like it better. I have been scared. I mean, who likes change right? haha Well, I decided to just do it. I braved it and downloaded Firefox because I am an Entrecard dropper. What is Entrecard? Well, let me just say if you want to get traffic to your blog or website, you really should look into it. There is a widget on my page. I downloaded the Entrecard toolbar as well. I have to say my drops are going a lot quicker this morning. What are random opinions on Firefox vs. Internet Explorer? What do you use? What do you prefer? I have been using it for just about an hour so I can't say for sure yet, but it does seem a lot faster.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My New Phone is.......

The Samsung Delve. I wanted a touch screen. I liked this one. I like the GPS. It seems to have all that I desire in a phone. I like the touch screen and the keypad on the screen, which makes it so much faster for me to type.

I just googled some random pics of the phone but this is basically it. I have 30 days to decide if I like it or not. I so far really like it. They made it hard to get ring tones. That's not something I'd give a phone back for though. It's not all that important though definitely fun to add my own personal tones. I found a website called Ventones. I just create my own tones, send them to myself and that's that. It opens it, saves it where you need to. So far, so good. I'll let you know if I start hating it. I took some pics with the camera on it. I'll end with those.

It has fun features for the camera, including this collage here. There are frame options and canvas so you can play around with a pic. I just had some fun with these...though I haven't even begun to use all the different options.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Hard to Be Cool In a MiniVan (how true) Had to Share This One!

Oak Ridge Boys - Hard To Be Cool (In a Minivan)
Download Music Video Code at

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I had a really awesome Valentine weekend. I posted more about it on my other blog...but long story short the evening ended with a lot of friends coming over and we sang karaoke, played some music on the instruments with more singing. It was a whole lot of fun. I am posting a video of me and my sister singing Sweet Dreams are made of this by the Arythmics. It was a great time. I got really spoiled for Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sisters and Best Friends

I have four, yes, count them four sisters. My life is one of those complicated confusing ones if you look at all the details because well, all but one of those sisters are half sisters. Now, I do not see them that way. To me, they are all just my sisters. But, technically I have one sister who shares the same mom and dad. Then I have two sisters who share same dad, different mom. And last but not least I have a sister who shares the same mom, different dad. Got all that? It's not all that hard really. My dad married when he was quite young. My mom was just 16. They had my sister Donna, then me. They divorced before I was 2 and he married my step mom. They had two children, Cindi and Vanessa. During this time frame my birth mom had a daughter Aimee. So....if you got all that I pat you on the back. haha This is my family. My dad and step mom have been all that I knew as parents though. I don't remember my real mom being married to my dad. It's a weird thought to me really. of those ewwww things. My sisters are my best friends though. My oldest is a very kind, loving, protective sort. My younger sister Cindi is most like me. We pretty much hang out together and enjoy doing the same things including singing. Check out Zero Gravity on myspace. Well...I am sure she's not the only band by that name but she's on there. Singing kind of runs in the family. I do come from a massive family. My dad had 7 brothers and 8 sisters. This was before TV shows were invented to declare this such a HUGE deal. I mean, I guess I don't find these shows with the huge families all that fascinating. That's kind of my life and I don't really find it all that shocking. I wouldn't ever want that many kids! Ha! OK. Pics for your viewing pleasure.

My sister Donna, Me and Cindi

Cindi and I singing together

I feel awful but on village photos I don't have any pics of my sister Vanessa (baby sis) and my sister Aimee. I'll find some of those on my computer later. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay, He BIT her? Rihanna and Chris Brown Story

I have considered writing about this. I am not a celebrity blogger but this story seriously has me upset. I know the story is alleged at this point, but reading about Rihanna and Chris Brown disgusts me. If he really did hit her in the face and bite her, his career is over in my opinion. He is 19 and replaceable. I liked that song With You. I don't think I could listen to it now without getting ticked off. This is what he does to his significant other? Regardless of what the fight was about, he had no right to lay his hands on her. Domestic violence is never ok.

Story Here:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party At Christy's House

We had a great time last night at a friend's house. Actually it's my sister's boss. They're all nurses and I am on my way to being a nurse. I think everyone practically needed a nurse after eating the hot wings they served up. I refused to even try it. Everyone was gasping and choking because of how hot they were. I don't tolerate really hot things all that well. I'm posting some pics so you can kind of see what I did with my Saturday night. I started to feel so tired at around 11 p.m. but still ended up staying until 2:00 a.m. It was a lot of fun. Now for pics. ;) Notice in the last pic I was just pretending to sit. There is no couch under my butt. lol OK and I realize compared to everyone else I desperately need to tan.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day is Drawing Near

This day is one of those Holiday's that a lot of people honestly hate. I mean if you are single it's a huge reminder of the fact. If you have recently had a bad breakup or lost someone you love it makes it more painfully real. It's a great way for the card companies to make a dollar too but all in all it's just a day that reminds us to say I love you. Whether you like the Holiday or not, there really is nothing wrong with saying I love you to the one you love, right? So I was browsing around trying to think of gifts for Valentine's Day. I mean what do you really get a guy? Flowers, chocolates? Those seem more for women though I guess it's cute when a girl does it for a guy. I have done it for my guy many times over the years. I'd rather do something more exciting and fun. I have been browsing all morning and eh, nothing seems quite right. What are you getting the one you love? Anything at all? I suggest doing a little something, even if they say they dislike the holiday. For the most part once a person IS in love, they don't mind the holiday quite as much. I honestly could care less really. I don't need a special day to say I love you truly! I thought I'd post a love poem today in honor of the upcoming holiday.

How Will You Kiss?

Lilt me your lips,
our lost breath intermingling.

Synchronize our silence
as lazy hours ease by.

Waft cocoa, hazelnut, cinnamon,
scents around me.

Tremble with me
in paralyzing pauses.

I may no longer breathe
without breathing you.

- Judith Pordon

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stupid Groundhog *grumble grumble*

I heard that groundhog got scared of his shadow and well frankly I'm a little upset with him. 6 more weeks of winter??? I have to blame it on someone! haha No, I am just sitting here cold. I am drinking my hot cup of coffee and covered in a blanket with my laptop on my lap. I am trying to get toasty here but still I have a chill. I am always cold. It's unfortunate because when everyone else is feeling great ready to go for a walk or to spend time outside I just want to get somewhere warm and toasty. I tend to have really cold toes and fingers too. I love summer. I cannot wait for some really warm weather. I love motorcycle riding in the summer on our Harley. I like riding on a crotch rocket as well. I love the zip and accuracy of it, but there is something about the roar of a Harley beneath me. I just love it. Many summers we get large groups of friends together with all different kinds of bikes and ride. I didn't get too much last year or 2007 because of health issues but I am sooooo ready to get back out again! That groundhog needs to be more assertive and tell his shadow he's not scared!!! Ha!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Late Night

I am thinking about going to bed. I tend to be a night person. I am not much of a morning person at all though I really have no choice in the matter. I'd much rather sleep in late. I was just cruising around YouTube, looking at various videos and I came across Jack Black singing the Tribute song. Now, I do love Jack Black. He is one talented guy really, though obviously pretty goofy. I was not really a fan of the movie Tenacious D. Just way too weird for me. The music was good as far as musical talent, good vocals but the constant cursing was like, ok...I get the point already. You know some bad words. I can say them too. haha I mean it doesn't bother me but when that becomes the whole entire song it gets to be just excessive. Regardless each time I hear him sing I am seriously impressed. The dude has skills. He can scat like no other. I mean in a strange yet really awesome way. There is no doubt he loves music. The Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World from the movie is pretty disgusting...but the video was kinda funny where they go into a karaoke booth and sing it. Anyway totally random thoughts tonight! Now...bedtime. :)

I Made The Top Five I made a list that well made me laugh. I am not really that easily offended. I guess some people might be but eh, I just smile and am glad for the publicity. It had me wondering though how many people WOULD get mad. I think some just might. Or maybe they would be offended. Am I odd that it does not offend me? I don't think it matters. I tried to post this on myspace and I guess the link is so objectionable that they thought my account was hacked. They locked me out and made me change my password and would not send the message!!! Still I made a top five. Whether you think it's disgusting or not, I had to share. Again, I got a good chuckle.

Top 5...well....look for yourself. If you are NOT easily offended. The title of the blog may not be appropriate for work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vacation Photos

I took a holy ton of pics from my vacation. I didn't get the link up yesterday. I was just too busy cleaning and getting the house in order after such a long time away. We had a great trip and really loved seeing my inlaw's. It was my father in law's 60th birthday. The little cocker spaniel is their baby now that their sons are all raised. My hubby has twin brothers too. You'll notice that in the pics as well. They all say they don't look alike but I still can't tell them apart after all these years. I have been in that family since 1993!!! Seems like an eternity. I was just 17 at the time. The twins were 11. They are now 26. It's crazy to me. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Safely With TONS of Pictures

The drive home was beautiful really up until about Indiana where it pretty much looks exactly like Illinois. Nah I think it's all beautiful in it's own way but it's so hard to say goodbye to all those beautiful mountains! I realize how much I do love them. One day we just may move to be near them. I have lots of pics that are currently uploading. I will be making a new post shortly with a link to many pics from my trip so stay tuned.


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