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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Daddy? Funny Things that Kids Say

OK. Is this funny to you? My daughter Gabbi is four years old. I myself am a pale girl. I like to have a tan but you know I'm very white. haha I don't want skin cancer so I stick with a little bronzer (not orange stuff) but you know, to get a little pretty color. My husband however is a tan dude. He's got a naturally darker complexion. My daughter Gabbi is whiter than me. She's just a pale girl. She'll probably get freckles like me too. Well she was rubbing my hubby's arm the other night fondly and said out of the blue "I wish I had a white daddy."

OMG! This sounded so wrong. The innocence of a child you know? lol My husband asked her "What color am I?" She said "Brown." Very funny. But ooooh so wrong. Could be taken the wrong way and I have no idea why in the world she would say something like that other than that we are both lighter than the hubby. I found it hilarious and almost peed my pants. Kids say the most shocking things! But you know, you teach them and move on right? Yikes!


sheila said...

OMG - you are definitely not alone. I am a really white red-head and my husband is Arab/White mix so he is brown. My seven year old, Laila, has been telling everyone for the last three years that he is black. I think it's hilarious and so does he. Kids are so innocent and speak what they live and see.

Ratty said...

Kids can be very funny with some of the things they say in complete innocence.

Petula Wright said...

LOL! Too funny... It's especially cute 'cause they may not have all the words to explain exactly what they mean. I'm glad you took it lightly and can explain skin tone as she gets older.

My grandfather was extremely dark, darkest. My grandmother looked as white and pale as the white women I would see when I was a young child. When I was about 5 or 6 I said to her, "Mom Mom, are you white?" She just laughed and explained she wasn't. As I got older she told me stories about our family history and I began to understand how she came to have such a light skin tone. I still chuckle at her response because I've heard similar things from my own children.

The Hawg said...

Well, the cartoon caught my attention (but, I suppose that was the point).

We've got something similar going on around here -- I'm pale as a ghost, and my wife is a quarter Cherokee. That has resulted in kids that aren't entirely pale -- a good thing during this blazing Arkansas summers.

Sandi said...

Petula I am so glad you see this the same way I do! I was worried because sometimes kids say the darndest things and what do you do? Kids notice things and they bold make statements. It's a matter of teaching them things appropriately and using those opportunities to do just that! :)

And Hawg yes that cartoon was meant to grab attention but I also found it hilarious! :) haha

I desperately want a tan. I can't tell you how much but with my pale skin, blonde hair and freckles it's not easy to do. =/

Sandi said...

*make bold statements. I am apparently dyslexic today :) haha

The Constant Complainer said...

I agree. Some of the things that my daughter has said were so funny. Not because they were bad, but because they were so innocent.


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