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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Olive Garden, a Movie and More on the Neighbor Boy

Yesterday my stress level had reached a boiling point. Honestly there are plenty of reasons to get away. I gave my sister a call but unfortunately she had to work tomorrow so she was out. My other close friend has a little boy who just had surgery so that was out. Everyone was busy!! So, I did the next best thing. I grabbed my oldest daughter....the one who has been stressing me out....and took her out to dinner and a movie. I think it was good for us. I treated her like one of my friends and I told her for the night that is what she was. We had a great time. She loved being treated like an adult at the Olive Garden. I love pasta so that place is really perfect for me. I had a delicious drink with strawberries in it and some linguine ala marinara. She had spaghetti and meatballs. It was a good time!

Afterward we went to see a movie but I was not even sure what was playing or what would be appropriate for her age. I kind of want to see A Haunting in Connecticut but I knew she'd be scared out of her wits for 2 months so we chose Coralline. It was a great movie and happened to be in 3D! It was a lot of fun watching that in 3D with her. The glasses are big and nerdy and black now. So cool! And strangely enough there was only four people including us in the ENTIRE theater! So we practically had the place to ourselves. We really enjoyed it. I do believe I may have to do this with one of my girls more often. The problem is I want to do it now. I think it's good for my girls to spend time like that with me.

As for the neighbor. Well, he sent some signals the other day. He's about 10. He plays with my daughters all the time. The other day I told my girls to come in so I could show them something on the computer. He came in to look too and stuck is head right by mine to look. Then my girls laughed after it and ran back outside. He didn't. He stayed. I didn't want to be mean and tell him to head back out. I figured he would. But no. He stayed and kept talking to me. Then he tried to help me with the baby. He asked if he could watch more stuff with me on the computer. Then there was a second time when he came in and was talking to me and wouldn't go away. I felt a tad bit uncomfortable. So there. My oldest daughter began teasing him about having a crush on me. I didn't even know she thought that too as we hadn't discussed it. I immediately told her to be quiet though. No sense in embarrassing the boy. That's the story! What do YOU think?


Anonymous said...

yeah I'll go with the crush.

Jude said...

Little guys always seem to develop crushes on older women just be gentle so he doesn't get overwhelmed and crushed. So glad you had created a great memory for your daughter it's very important.

Stephanie said...

NO clue on the neighbor boy! But it sure sounds like you and DD had fun :)

I added you to my blogroll. I am leaving entrecard due to being a blogger and don't want to lose the blogs that I have found and enjoy reading :)

Carl said...

It definitely sounds like the little guy has a crush on you. It's very sweet and must be a tremendous boost to your ego, but of course it's also time to nip it in the bud before things get out of hand.

Sigh, I remember when I was that age, I also had a crush on older women, apparently it is quite normalbut it would be better if his crush was directed at a school teacher, they're trained to deal with these sorts of things.

Roy said...

hmm... am I hearing 'Stacy's Mom' playing in the background? lol

the little guy sure has an eye ;)

hmmmm said...

well that's obvious


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