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Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeling Better and Finals Are OVER!!!!

My arm is feeling much better today. I honestly was not sure that it would with how much it hurt yesterday, but surprisingly I can bend it pretty well without too much discomfort. I don't like it touched or bumped but otherwise it's not bad.

I did my Psychology final last night and so that's it. I am done. The teacher will post grades on Monday. I hate that I have to wait until then but hey, I'll manage! Now I am off until August 15th. I have an all day Basic Life Support Class. I will be CPR certified after that day. I find that pretty darn cool! haha

After that my first class is not until August 24th. I am just going to try and enjoy my time off. I'll have a lot more classes this fall. And guess what? Another math class!!! I have gotten an A in each college math class I have taken. I have set a pattern and now I have to try SUPER hard to not let that change. I was worried about this class, but I managed. So here's to hoping I can do it again!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tripped by A Cord

That looks nasty doesn't it? Well my elbow is killing me though it's better than it was. I was getting up and walking out of the living to go cook supper. I was on the phone with my hubby. I saw that my daughter had plugged in the Nintendo DS on the floor to charge it. Gabbi grabbed it as I passed and pulled the cord tight. It went up in the air, my foot came down and the cord went between my toes. I tried to right myself but it was too late. I came crashing down elbow first into a corner of a sort of half wall that it is my living room. I dropped to the ground panting and silently screaming in pain. I told the hubby to hold on because I'd hurt myself. I thought the pain would lessen but it got worse. I thought it would go away but it didn't. The hubby was on his way home and by the time he got there my elbow was swelling and the arm around it. We decided it was best to get x-rays which we did and it's not broken just very bruised. I am feeling a bit better at the moment. It depends on how I move it. I wonder if it will turn all kinds of pretty colors? haha

I Took My Math Final Last Night

To get in an A in the class I had to get at least 133 points out of 150 on my final. Well I went to the college website today thinking maybe the teacher had posted grades. I already had an A in this class but it was right on the border so this test was important. I have had an A in each math class I took. This was by far the most difficult. So I really studied and hoped for the best. This is what met my eyes today.

I am so happy. I got tears in my eyes. This was my first class after the cancer so I am really really happy. I felt like I had chemo brain during some of it!! Regardless now I just need to do my Psychology final tonight and then maybe soon I can post another A there!!! haha

The only problem is I desperately want to know if I got an A or a B on this final!!! I hope she sends those grades to us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes, I Admit It. I Like Harry Potter.

I have NO shame!!! I love Harry Potter. That's right. I do. I have since book one and long before the movies came out or any of it was some big craze. I read a magazine that had a page full of new books out. I liked the sound of it, bought it and I was hooked. I have always loved fantasy. I love medieval things. I like wizards, magic, sorcery, witches. It's all game. When I was a child I read a book about a couple of kids who found a flat washer. It turned out to be magic and they could make wishes and stuff with it. I think that may have started it all. I loved Labyrinth, Legend, NeverEnding Story, etc. Now I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the first Narnia movie. I haven't really watched much of the second. I have heard it wasn't great.

My point is I like it all. I am a huge fan and I can't get enough. I have read Harry Potter several times too. So when the game for the new movie came out I commented on how I'd love to get it for the DS. If you remember my post about me and video games I did mention I'd play Harry Potter on the Gameboy or DS. Well guess what the hubby brought home to me a few days ago? Not only the game but also a book I have never seen. It looks interesting and it means he was thinking about me. That's ALWAYS a bonus.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Was Going On In the World.....

When I was in high school? Well I found this and couldn't resist. How many of you remember the years 1990 to 1994? Well this may refresh your memory a bit. This might give you an idea of my age. I remember this stuff like it was yesterday though some of it makes me chuckle. Hammer pants. Ha! Vanilla Ice. (I still know all the words to that song!) The Cowboys won a couple of Super Bowls. Maybe three? I do forget that for sure. Michael Jordan was kicking major butt. Who can forget "Rescue.......911!" Hope you smile as much as I did!

If you can't see the video just click the link below.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Memory of BJ

I had a post all ready to go today. But I will put it aside for awhile. My neighbor's 17 year old son has passed away. My daughter Lexi is very good friends with his sister. BJ had a heart condition and had surgery many times but was doing well and had even bought his first car. He was jogging a couple of blocks over and from what I have heard he suffered heart failure or a heart attack. I am not positive and I do not think now is the time to ask. Regardless we are all shocked and very saddened at the loss of this young boy and I know for one it will be so weird to not see him outside. On the outside he was the picture of health. He did yard work with his brother all over this town. I saw him drive up and down this street several times a day. I just want to say he will be missed by all and my heart is breaking for his parents. This post is for you BJ.

*(If any details are inaccurate I will edit this but for now my daughter Lexi has told me he was 16. I am not 100% positive on this. I only know he just got a car and he had an older teenage brother.)

*edited to say he was 17. I just read the obituary. He would have been a junior this year at our local high school. This school dealt with a suicide just this past Christmas. This will be very tough on the kids at our school. It's just so awful.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yeah I need to do a lot of it. So I am posting a video for everyone's enjoyment. This guy has talent and he amuses me too! Listen and enjoy. For those Facebookers who cannot see the video go here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Had Fun Turning the Hubby Into a Monster

Literally! I was on Facebook today and I am a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings on there. Yes. I am serious! I don't know why. For fun I guess? Anyway they posted this Monsterizer machine today. People were turning themselves into fairly hideous looking monsters. Of course, I have no desire to look so gross so I did it to my hubby! haha He won't mind looking like a werewolf and I gave myself an injury to make it appear as though he attacked me then posed for a pic. Nice eh? I thought so. I had fun anyway. Here's the link

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Ad I Have Seen Yet!

OK. Check out this ad. Notice anything ODD? For one they are not the same girl. No one can convince me of that EVER. Second, that first chick is totally pregnant! I have been there a few times and being "fat" does not look the same as being pregnant. That top chick is no before shot. She is several months along. Any woman can see this and my guess is a few men too! So, should pregnant women be offended that in this ad they are claiming they lost all that fat? LOL Yeah. At least I am not seeing the yellow teeth ad as often. *shudder*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Hubby Stole the Gamer Girl in Me....But He Doesn't Believe It

Many many years ago, I LOVED video games. That's right. I was obsessed. It all started with Frogger and Pitfall. So I revealed my age. Fine. I am not a spring chicken. haha I am not THAT old either. I am an 80's child. I loved Madonna and bangle bracelets. Anyway, back to the point. I loved video games. I hated watching others "take their turn." I always wanted to play. When Super Nintendo came out I was addicted hardcore to Super Mario. I could beat it pretty fast, though I forget exactly how fast. I knew all the secret pipes and I knew how to get that princess at the end. I loved it!

Fast forward to around 1996. I married the husband in 1995. I was 19. In 1996 we moved into a house that we rented. The owner decided he wanted to sell the house kind of out of the blue so we had to move. We moved in with his parents for a few months while we were looking for a place. We lived in a room upstairs. I found out I was pregnant while we were there too. It was our first child. I was tired, nauseated and cooped up in that room all the time. I had TWO jobs. I was working at a local newspaper. I also worked at A&W. Go figure that one. Anyway my husband had nothing much to do in that room but play video games. This was before laptops and internet so he had the TV every second of every moment we were ever in that room. All my free time was spent lying on the bed in that room listening to my husband play Nintendo games. Mostly it was this game called Robot Golf. OH good lord you haven't seen anything until you've watched robots play golf against each other for a million hours.

During those days was when I stopped enjoying video games. The girl who hated sharing games was suddenly not the one who got to play. My husband wanted to play even more than me. So there he played. He was like 21 at the time. He was a young guy, playing video games for hours. I love my man and he is a very very hard working guy. He always has been. But he seriously loves his games in his free time. I started despising video games. I began to hate them. I hated the "sound" of them. I didn't want to even look at them anymore. I spent so much time lying there being bored out of my mind watching and listening. He didn't understand at the time how much it sucked just watching. If he didn't play HE was bored. But ummm hello! What about me who didn't play at all. Yeah. YUCK. Anyway that is what happened to me.

I have a Nintendo DS and a Gameboy Advance of my own. I even beat a SIMS game on it. I enjoyed a few Harry Potter games. I can play now without thinking about those hours of torture anymore. It's enough of a distant memory that I can maybe enjoy some games of my own. But that girl I used to be is long gone. Unfortunately the hubby really never met her. That was BEFORE him. He has a hard time believing I could ever have been that way. You'll have to ask my now 21 year old little sister. She'll tell you who taught her to play video games. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

You Know What I Need?

A Margarita. That's right. I want a really salty one. Make it strong too. It's been a crazy week. I am tired. Even my brain is tired. I just pounded through some math. I made it through most of it but the latter half is just insane. I am learning all kinds of new things I have never done. Hmm let me see if I can remember a problem I was asked.

In a regular 52 card deck of cards, of all the hands possible how many different hands could you get if 4 were clubs and one card was a non club. Yeah. Go! That was an easier one. There are others that have to do with the actual hand possibilities. Like I need to know how many different possible hands there are if there are repeats of certain numbers, or no repeats, or if order matters or doesn't matter. Let me tell ya....I hate it. I despise it. I do not want to use my brain in this way.

Rant over! My dad's MRI results should be back today. I am anxious to find out what's up with that. So far the results have been good. Nothing has shown cancer yet and that's what the docs had him CONVINCED was wrong with him. I guess he is just as stubborn as my grandma always said he was. Now, I have to remind you my grandmother was a mother of 16, pastor's wife for many years. My dad was born breech....butt first. This was ummmm....a long time ago. haha He was a difficult labor for her to say the least. She told me plainly that my dad came into this world showing his ass and hasn't stopped yet. That made my day. I love my dad but that is hilarious stuff!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

And the Winner Is!!!!!! DRUMROLL Please!

Chickenista!!!! I used after numbering each entry and Chickenista won. I am going to contact her personally and let Eden Fantasys know who our winner is. Thanks for entering! I would have done this sooner but with my dad being in the hospital all week it just became impossible. Congrats to the winner!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going to be Declaring a Winner!

Either tonight or tomorrow I am going to be declaring a winner to the contest hosted by Eden Fantasys. Click the link above to enter before it's too late! I am not sure if I'll have time after class tonight to do it, but I will tomorrow if not. Post your rock star fantasy to win. It's pretty easy. Tell me who you may have been hot for. Ha!

Wish me luck at class tonight. I am so worried about my sick dad and now working on the most difficult chapter in my math class that I do not know how I'm gonna stay focused. Seriously...what in the world will I do? I have to forget about my dad to learn this stuff tonight. That's not going to be easy. My teacher stated specifically this will be totally new stuff and all of the students she has ever had have a hard time with it. Great!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Crazy Week

I haven't had a ton of computer time lately. Between my dad getting so sick and all the school work I have had to do it's been a crazy week! My dad has to get his pancreas checked tomorrow which makes me nervous. I won't invite trouble though. We'll just wait and see how it goes. He says he feels a bit better and the pain isn't as bad. He is still quite yellow though so I am hoping he begins to feel better soon.

I had TONS to do today. I took one kid in to see a GI doc. LONG story. After that I went to get her an x-ray and then went to see my dad at the hospital. We visited for awhile then went and got some food. After that we went to the mall.

All this time the hubby was off getting a new tattoo. You see, he got this horrible Chinese tribal emblem a few years ago that I always thought was trendy and blah. It didn't suit him at all. He didn't much care for it either so he went into today to get a cover up done. It is looking pretty awesome. I have a couple of tats myself. You can't see them, nor would most people guess at all that I have them. I have two. I can cover them with my clothing and show them if I want as well. Lower and upper back is what I have. Hubby has a tribal band with dragon heads around the arm. I am not huge on tribals but the dragon heads do make it unique. His shoulder and arm have a gorgeous blue dragon. I told him to get blue because at the time I was reading Aragorn which is a much better book then movie and has a blue dragon in it. He got his new dragon outlined and shaded today. Color will be added later. I kept myself busy with my girls. We had a good day.

And to top this day off I was told if dad's tests come back good tomorrow he may get released. Yeah :) I sure hope so.

Here's the hubby's tat in progress. The one beside it is a J and S intertwined and an idea hubby and I worked on together. I have the same one in pink in the same location (but smaller). Obviously it stands for our names. Jason and Sandi.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dad Is Very Sick

My dad had a slightly elevated cholesterol level so the doc put him on a drug called Zetia. This drug almost immediately caused him severe stomach cramping, vomiting, diareah among other things. He felt totally awful.

They thought he would adjust but he only felt worse and worse so after 5 days he stopped taking it. Not long after that he began to show symptoms of jaundice. His skin yellowed, his eyes turned yellow and there were other obvious symptoms as well. He is now in the hospital diagnosed with drug induced hepatitis. His gallbladder is enlarged and not looking good either. His liver though they said is trying to do it's job and from what I know they think it will heal. They aren't sure about the gallbladder or if he's going to need surgery. He is very weak and tired. His skin is so yellow.

I am pretty upset that he had this reaction to the med. I am doing research on cholesterol meds and finding they are very controversial and that Zetia is fairly new. If he hadn't stopped taking it I am positive he would already be dead. My dad had a major stroke in 2004 and recovered. This feels so familiar to that feeling of uncertainty back then. We need prayers sent his whatever your belief please remember my dad. I have read about some severe muscle breakdown issues with Zetia that can lead to acute kidney failure!! I hope this does NOT happen. I haven't heard anything about something like that but his weakness scares me. He has zero energy. He'll be in the hospital at least all this week...maybe longer. I just want to see him with some energy, and normal skin color.

Read through the effects other people have had here --->

If I had known at all I would have told him to not take it. This is bad stuff.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Reminder!!!

Enter my giveaway. Hit the link at the top of these page, post your rock star fantasy or just what rock star floats your boat. I'll be picking a winner next week so come on, pass on the link and get some people over here to enter.

I am tired and overworked today. I have had WAY too much homework to do. I have finished the Psychology for the day though thank God. I am so sick of it I could puke. I want to hear nothing more about it the rest of this weekend.

Tomorrow night will be spent studying for yet another math test. This is what summer classes are about. Insanity! You have to do at least two chapters at once. I am learning something new while trying to grasp what I was just taught. It's crazy. I wanted to go out tonight but have no babysitter. My dad has been sick and I'll be honest, I am very worried. He is yellow. Yes his eyes are yellow too. I know this signifies his liver so my sisters and I have been yelling at him to go to the doc. He was taking a cholesterol lowering drug that seemed to coincide with him getting very ill. He stopped the pill. He finally went to the hospital. I am waiting to hear something. Ugh.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hilarious Movie Mistakes

During math class last night we learned about something called the Pythagorean Theorem. Now I have heard it before but it's been ages. The funny thing was that they mentioned the movie The Wizard of Oz in this section because when the scarecrow gets his brains at the end of the movie? Or his diploma I should say, he tries to recite this but he gets it entirely wrong. Yes...the so called smart thing the scarecrow said was totally incorrect. I find that hilarious. My book also mentioned a website that I have found mildly entertaining. It's called Movie Mistakes.

I actually kind of like looking at the pictures of mistakes. I have heard of these before. One of the ones I remember first learning about was in that movie with Danny Devito and Arnold...Swars...uh...something. I have no idea how to spell his name and don't feel like looking it up! Anyway it is the movie Twins and if you look at the scene in the bathroom they are talking and there is a beer bottle in the background. Next shot the beer bottle is miraculously gone. So that was kind of funny. This site is FULL of those things. The Wizard of Oz is full of them including Dorothy's hair growing between shots. It gets a lot longer and then a lot shorter. There is more but check it out. Look up your favorite movie. See what you come up with. It's amazing the mistakes they make like boom mics in the frame or cars driving in the background like in Lord of the Rings. I hear they cut it out of the DVD release though. Darn. What funny mistakes do you know of?

Oh and by the way. I got a 108 on my math test. :) Woot!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Speaking Of Water Balloons

I mentioned in my previous post about the attack of the seniors with all the water balloons, water guns, etc. Well this was not the only attack on me I ever experienced. There is actually a worse one. My own senior year.

Now, I am giving something away here so please be kind. The year is 1994. haha Yes.....way back in 1994 I was 18 and graduating from high school. As usual the seniors were flinging water at people. This was my class so I of course thought it was great until I was driving home from school one day. I turned left to go down a back road home. I got up to around 20 miles an hour when a big group of guys from my class came out from behind a bush, or tree or something and they all bombed my car with water balloons. Let me just say BAD idea. They threw water balloons at my windshield. I am assuming there were around 10 to 15 guys. I thought at first there was just water all over my windshield but no. It was glass. My windshield was shattered. It was completely broken. Glass was coming in on me and my sister. The whole window was barely hanging on.

I was pretty ticked off actually because the guys saw what they did and they all ran way. I mean, come on. Run away? Leave me there? They ended up paying for it actually. A few of them came up later and apologized but me and some friends were stranded. Maybe some didn't realize they broke my windshield but some I am sure didn't care in the least. We got a ride home though and my dad came back and got my car. It was my only means of transportation so to say the least it didn't leave me too happy. My guess is those guys stopped throwing water balloons at moving vehicles after that though.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Go Back in Time

The year is 1992. I am outside my high school after lunch. I had a class that I had to go to at a nearby high school. This made my lunch time after everyone else's. Long story, we were a small school. I had one friend who also went there for a class too. The seniors were out already for the summer. They always got out early. There was a giant group of them parked in front of the high school listening to loud music surrounding a car. I and my friend Beth were just casually chatting sitting on a step at the edge of the sidewalk. We saw the group of guys out of the corner of our eye. We knew what seniors did. We knew we could be their next targets. We sat, kind of thinking they might do it. In some ways, we kind of hoped they might.

Then it happened. I saw him coming. He was running towards me. I saw the bucket in his hands and figured this one was certainly going to make the most of it. Another one was running at Beth. The super soaker was cocked and ready. He chased her as I felt the bucket full of cold water pour over the top of my head, soaking my WHITE shirt. Yes he targeted me because I wore white. Everyone got to see the color of my bra that day. You see, all seniors for as long as I can remember got water balloons, water guns, buckets, whatever and went around soaking anyone they could find. During school hours, after school hours. It was all game. I liked being the target. I figured it would be a water gun and NOT a bucket buy hey. Beth got soaked too though not quite as bad as me. It's a fond memory.

And the bucket holder? Well, he must have liked my bra because he's now my husband.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Hot Blog Giveaway and Rock Star Fantasies!

This will be an interesting giveaway people. First of all this is my very FIRST giveaway. Second of all, this giveaway is for a free item of your choice $40 or less from Eden Fantasys! This is for adult toys, lingerie, etc. We all know how nice it is to spice up the marriage, relationship or to even just spice up your personal life! What the heck right? So for this giveaway what I want is for everyone to tell me their secret rock star fantasy! What rock star gets your blood boiling?

I'll start! I could go back in time and think of quite a few really. Some aren't even very attractive but have vocal cords that could melt a girl seriously. Jon Bon Jovi. I am serious here people. He is hot to me. I don't even mind he's gone southern, whatever. He had the big hair in the 80's yes. He wore less makeup then the rest of those bands though! These days? I would have to say he's fairly delicious looking.

So what about you? Did you ever have a fantasy about a rock star? You can go into detail if you like. haha Who was the one who made you drool? Guys what female rock star fueled your teenage fantasies? Let's go back in time and post our rock star fantasies. One lucky story teller will be randomly chosen to WIN a $40 or less item from Eden Fantasys. They have a great selection of Adult Toys.

There is also a great selection of lingerie. So guy or girl this will be a fun contest to win. Just tell me those fantasies and you might just be a winner.

Oh I just had to add that I love SEXY costumes and they have some on this site! I will have fun browsing. On the other hand if you are at all offended by sexy things then by all means, don't click. haha
Sexy Costumes

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dreaming of Numbers, Hot Shoes, and Sore Feet

I have a big math test again tonight. I have wanted to make sure I get an A on this test so I have studied like mad. I have a lot of formulas to work with which fortunately the teacher is not asking us to memorize. The problem though is remembering what each letter stands for in the formula. Most of the letters do not have anything to do with what they represent.

I studied last night. I did the homework, I worked on the practice test. Then all night long I dreamt of numbers and formulas. It was awful. Top that off with the fact that my legs and muscles are STILL sore from Saturday night. It's odd actually. I have not had this happen so bad before. I wore some stilettos. I love these shoes and have worn them before with no trouble. They have spiral sides that go up the leg. Hard to explain but seriously hot. Anyway, the bottom portion of the spiral dug into the top of my foot creating some irritating discomfort. OK. Maybe it's because I was dancing hardcore in them? Not sure. So then they begin to irritate my feet in general. I remove them. At first my feet were both sore and the muscles going all the way up my legs into my rear. lol Now it's just the left foot and leg. My leg is sore all the way up the back. My foot feels like it's recovering from an injury on the top. So perhaps I did injure myself and just didn't realize it. At the end of the night I took my shoes off and jumped on the hubbies back so he could take me to the car. Literally. Perhaps I won't be dancing in those shoes again!


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