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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productive Day and Glasses

I have been out pretty much all day getting random things done. I wear contacts 99% of the time but while at home relaxing I do often just put glasses on. I do not need glasses close up, just far away. I have had the same frames for way too long and way too many prescriptions ago so I decided to just go out and look at some newer frames. I have seen some I really like. I happen to love the color pink so I was looking for something pinkish. I have lighter skin so I didn't want anything too dark either. I got a pair I liked. I may just post a picture of me styling them when I get them in. I rarely post pics of me in glasses, and honestly people really don't often see me wearing them period.

I made a stop by Starbucks as well and ordered a Tall White Chocolate Mocha. Something held up the line so I grabbed my cellphone and started cruising the Internet. The wait was really long but I had plenty to do. I got up to the window and the bouncy happy teenage girl apologized and upgraded me to a grande. So overall, not a bad day. Now I need to catch up with Entrecard!


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see the pic in the new glasses!!!

Bill said...

I am like you Sandi, I am near sighted an need my glasses for far away things. I agree with Stephanie would like to see your new glasses LOL


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