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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steptember Already?

This past week I've been sick. I probably would have cranked out a few blog posts but when the flu knocks you out, it knocks you OUT. I don't know what I have for sure but I figure the body aches, chills, fever, cough, sneezing, running nose etc are all a great indication it was the good old fashioned influenza. I am feeling better minus the hacking painful cough I have. This chest congestion is free to check out any time now!! I can't stand it.

Other than this I am doing alright. I am doing a lot of homework tonight. I have not wanted to do it since I've felt so crappy but it must be done. September is a big month for me. My wedding anniversary is coming up. Would you believe I have been married for 15 years? Yeah it's crazy. It's hard to believe we've made it so far but we've done it. It's not always easy let me tell you. Anyone that claims marriage is easy is either lying through their teeth or smoking something. Regardless, here we are and we've decided to take a trip to celebrate. I am pretty excited. I need to get away. It's not until the end of this month so I have to wait for a bit yet. :)


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