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Monday, March 16, 2009

Is Dora the Explorer Getting Naughty?

OK. I am not a sick pervert. haha No, I found this online today really by accident. I heard they were making Dora grow up. They were trying to target the older kids and parents were throwing a fit. OK. I expected to see a totally Bratz type Dora. I expected a Barbie type mini skirt or a halter top. All they had was this silhouette:

I'm going to give my honest opinion here and say, this doesn't "seem" all that bad. I see puffed sleeves, a skirt of reasonable length and long flowing hair. I expected much worse from all the hype. Basically they are keeping old Dora and making a newer, more grown up Dora for the 10 year old crowd. I really tried to think of something bad here and I can't. I figure it's just a new show. I really do not think Dora looks like she's letting it all hang out in that little silhouette there. To each their own of course. I do respect every one's opinion but I just feel there are much bigger things to worry about in this day and age.


Dollartamer said...

This will make my daughter happy. She's almost 7 and still into Dora as much as when she was 3. Most of her friends are past the phase but she doesn't want to give Dora up... I guess this is her way of keeping Dora without seeming so babyish. :)

Sandi said...

I agree! It's just a way for that age group to be able to hold onto Dora for la ittle while longer.

Bill said...

I agree with you Sandi this does not look that bad. i dont understand that they are mad about.

beeker said...

I think people tend to find things to complain about. They released the full image and not just the shadow. It looks like Dora as a young girl instead of a toddler. I think this will appeal more to my 5 year old nieces.

Staci said...

That's what all the hype was about? I heard about it on TV the other day, but like you I was expecting a halter top or something. So she's wearing a dress instead of her normal shorts? Big deal. She had to grow up sometime. Even with the new look, my nephew will still swear he never watched her, but he did, religiously in fact. We even had a Dora computer game.


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