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Monday, March 23, 2009

Quiet Weekend

For the most part it was a quiet weekend anyway. I hosted a birthday bash for my 12 year old and a whole lot of her friends. She has a *boyfriend* or so she calls him. My dad was a strict man. Kids tend to say when they have a boyfriend or girlfriend that they are "going out". Well my father would tell me "Where ya going??!! You aren't going anywhere!" He also made it clear in no uncertain terms that if he heard us ever say we were going out with a boy he would whip our butts. Except he didn't put it so delicately. Seriously I don't find an issue with it. He's right. They aren't going anywhere. I supervise and I'm not dumb enough to let them be alone but really the only time she sees him is at school. It's more of a social thing at her age and I'm ok with that. The kid seems very nice as well. Beyond the birthday party we didn't do a lot. I did some shopping yesterday. Minor shopping but shopping nonetheless. I am kind of a shopaholic without the cash. Ha! I need to be rich so I can shop as often as I want. It's not like I need to go out either. I can do it online. I'm down with that. I am a shopoholic wannabe. I don't waste the cash. I pay the bills. I just am so pathetic that I even enjoy grocery shopping. *sigh*


heidi said...

I know what you mean about the whole boyfriend thing. I could not even look at boys until I was sixteen (you know I did though). Sounds like a nice and fun weekend!

The Constant Complainer said...

I laughed when you said that you enjoy shopping so much, that you even enjoy grocery shopping! Classic

Sounds like a fun weekend. I think how you're handling your daughter's situation is fine. They're kids, but as long as you monitor it, it won't be a problem!

Michele said...

My dad was strict as well. I wasn't aloud to go to a school dance until I was 14 and I loved using it as an excuse. lol
I know a girl who actually gives guys a hard time if they ask "will you go out with me". She asks "where are we going?" and wont say yes until they say "will you be my boyfriend" haha My husband is sort of the same way, he hates the term "slept together"


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