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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stupid Economy

Well, it really has hit home now. We kind of knew it would sooner or later. My husband did not lose his job but took a large enough pay cut that seriously, it's going to kill us. I have to think of something and soon just to make ends meet. Honestly I know everyone is feeling this now. I knew we were only seeing the beginning of this thing and I am just wondering where it's going to leave us when it's over. I am ranting today and I think most people can sympathize because we have all been hit. This is going to be rough. I just hope we can somehow make it through this. I still have a holy ton of medical bills to pay off. I get new ones all the time. I guess I'll try and think of the positives and be glad we still have medical insurance.


Kate Burton said...

I'm sorry to hear it's hit you, I dodged a bullet myself today. I don't know what kind of medical bills you have but you might want to look at the resources page on my blog, there are a fair number of financial assistance links. Let me know if I can help.

Sandi said...

Well thank you Kate. If you look at my other blog, you'll see what I mean. It's ongoing really too with a lot of tests and things, but I thank you for the link. I'll check it out now.

Stephanie said...

I really feel your pain on this one. I am racking up medical bills at an alarming rate, yet again... And we are still paying on past medical bills too. While my husband hasn't had a pay cut or anything it wasn't like he was making enough to begin with and basically has stayed where he is just to have some sort of medical coverage - I can't begin to even think how bad the medical bills would be without that at least. I got laid off for the winter basically from my whopping $6 an hour job and have been trying to build up freelance work on-line to help ends meet, but no matter how hard we work and try to cut corners and such the money just doesn't stretch to cover everything it needs to. It stinks that the people that are out there trying so hard to make it can't get any help it seems, while the people that don't try at all get all kinds of help...

Anyhow, good luck!! I am pulling for you!!

Mike J said...

:( I wish you could do what I do. I know the startup costs are scary but I made it back fairly easily....

LiteralDan said...

Yeah, you definitely have to look at the positive side there. And hopefully once things get better economically, they'll reset everyone's pay back to where it was.

Seems only fair to me, but then I'm not a billionaire, you know?


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