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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Top 10 Hottest Male Celebs

Ok I just have to make this list. You want to know my type? Who do I find hot? Well even if you don't here it is. Then maybe tomorrow I'll do a list of the most gorgeous female celebs. I'll be posting pics of them at a time I found them the most gorgeous. Dead or alive. The only reason I am posting celebs is because well they are up there on my screen for me to drool over.

10. Leonardo Dicaprio (more from the Titanic Era)

9. Matt Damon (Think Good Will Hunting)

8. Will Smith (Yes...he was delicious in I am Legend)

7. Tom Welling (he's kinda new to me but those eyes will melt anyone. He was in Smallville)

6. Paul Walker (Fast and Furious.)

5. Justin Timberlake (um like after the afro)

4. Patrick Swayze (pretty much always)

3. Mario Lopez (think Nip/Tuck)

2. Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street anyone?)

1. Drumroll.......Brad Pitt! Think the movie Troy and yeah...I haven't ever seen better. I might...someday...but I haven't yet.



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