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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is There Anything You've Ever Really Wanted to Do?

Well I have had a few things. First, I love to sing. That's obvious and I've stated it many times. Second, I love to draw and I like to draw lifelike portraits. I got a book and improved my skills until I thought I was pretty good.

Now I haven't finished anything in awhile. I have a drawing sitting on the back burner. I will finish it soon. I do sometimes get working on something and then sort of fall away from it. I always finish it...even if it takes awhile.

Well there are more things I wanted to do. I wanted to crochet. So I taught myself. I can do that well now too. I have no pics of any of the blankets or purses I made but I can do it, I assure you. I have a list of things I'd love to do. It's a mental list. I have never written anything down. The one big thing I have always dreamt of and never thought would happen, is playing the acoustic guitar. I just never thought it was a possibility. Until recently that is. I got a guitar. It's a nice one too. I will post more about that later. Yesterday I got out a book and started learning. This is something I have always wanted and with my personality, I know I will do it. I love music and I love singing. Playing and singing together is just that much better. My fingers are sore today from practicing but I know I haven't seen anything yet. Well I am ready for it. :) It's the next big thing for me! I already read music. I am a flutist. Yes I play the flute. So I figure I have that going for me. At least that is one thing I already know. I'll post my progress on this blog now and then, and who knows, maybe a video or two at some point. This blog is about anything and everything, not just one it's not going to ever be just about me learning but it will be discussed now and then.

The one thing that kind of sucks today is the fact that I have a terrible cold. I feel flu-ish so I doubt I'll get much practice in today. I can't seem to wake up and my eyes are feeling sore looking at this computer so maybe tomorrow I can put more effort into it. Until then....I'll dream of guitars.


Angel said...

I think that it is so wonderful that you try new things, and that you work hard at perfecting your skill, but what impresses me even more is the fact that you tell yourself that you do these things well. You give yourself validation instead of looking to others foe this. It is something that I'm really working on, so thank you for this post. It has really helped me to see that it is okay to say,"Hey, I'm good at this."
You are awesome and inspiring!

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Good luck with your guitar practice. I fell in love once with a guitar, and still love it. Sore fingers soon stop being sore, well for the most part, but it truly is one of those no pain no gain things.

The Constant Complainer said...

I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the piano. I'm just not sure I could read music, play an instrument, keep a beat and sing (if applicable) at the same time. LOL. But I congratulate on trying these new things!!!


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