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Monday, September 12, 2011


I said this blog was about everything. Nothing is off limits here which is the point of this blog. I was thinking recently when talking to a guy I know. His name is Kevin. We were talking about the different kinds of fetishes out there. This guy loves to be humiliated. He likes to be called names and put down. He even wants to smell socks and, get this, use them as a pillow. He buys socks on ebay. Seriously. Don't believe me? Go to ebay. Check it out. Worn socks. You'll find a lot of auctions. This guy wants to hand over his cash to women because it makes him feel like a loser. He loves it. He also wants to be called a sissy all the time. He is what he calls "a money slave". Have you ever heard of someone wanting to GIVE away all of their money, getting nothing in return but being called a loser? Ha! He doesn't mind me talking about him. As a matter of fact he thinks it's great.

What is the craziest fetish you've heard of? Have you found one like this? I know there are others out there. I could add more to this list! This guy is not just some dude working for minimum wage. This guy runs a company and makes a lot of cash. He is a business man. You wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd, if I didn't tell you who he was. He has the cash to give out. He lives the high life. No one knows about his secret.  It's pretty funny but I'm not making fun of people with fetishes. I want to hear about fetishes. I might even draw in some new readers with this topic. lol What's a fetish you have? Are you brave enough to tell?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Person

I really am normally a very happy person considering all that's gone on in my life. I have had a lot happen to me in the um 30 something years I have been around. I was feeling pretty depressed a few days ago. My studies get me down because they are frankly overwhelming. I have so many people proud of me and counting on me that it gets really hard sometimes.

Now my life, well when someone asks what is wrong I may seem cold when I tell them "you don't have time" to listen, or you don't want to know. First of all, if you're a guy? I know you don't want to hear my story. At least, you don't want me sobbing on your shoulder crying about my problems. I am no fool. I have been around. I know you for the most part just don't know how to react when a woman gets teary eyed around you. Some guys do, but some don't. I appreciate what I have but some things are getting to me as an adult. First of all, it has gotten really hard since my dad died. My family has fallen apart. My step mom showed her true colors when dad died. She was never loving or affectionate anyway. She abused me and my sisters growing up and tried to get my dad to hurt us too. She didn't hug us, or tell us she loved us. She didn't help with our homework but she sure as hell beat us if we didn't do well. I had a lot of pressure to succeed out of fear. There was no slacking for me. She was with another man right after dad died. My younger sister confronted her. Long story short and I am just tired of caring who reads this or who tells who. I don't care! I don't care about her anymore. She is nothing to me so it no longer matters. I love my dad. I will always remember and love him. But my step mom was a piece of crap from the time she came in my life. She hit me for calling my birth mother "mom". I got beat! I was beaten if I got sick and threw up. I got thrown in my bed if I didn't feel well and not allowed to do ANYTHING but lay there. I know some people have it worse. That's fine. But whatever. This is my life. I realize I am not close to anyone in my family anymore except my sisters. I love them so much and they are all I have.

I am not close to the rest of my family because many of them were AWFUL when dad died. My step mom spread rumors and lies to get sympathy and attention for herself. My sisters and I have been devastated by her actions. My birth mother is no better. She never came to see me the whole time I had cancer and I have never forgiven her. Maybe I will forgive but it will not mean a thing to her. She doesn't know she was wrong. I had cancer and was in remission for just a year when my dad got sick. And then he died before I ever hit the two year mark. I laughed at cancer and it kicked me in the ass. Whatever. You want to know what's wrong some days? I bottle this up and it kills me. I really am a happy person. I have a lot of stuff that's happened but I get it out. I pick myself up. I move on. But remember, if you ask me what's wrong when I'm feeling down? You don't have the time to listen.

*damn spellcheck is not working and I am not caring enough to proof read!


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