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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tattoos, My Opinion

First of all, I really hate a badly done tattoo. Like the above. *shiver* Have you seen this yet? How awful for the person who got it. Yikes.

I have three tattoos. Yep. It's true. I love them each. They all mean something to ME. However not all tattoos need to have some heartfelt deep meaning. I don't think that's true at all. Some people (usually those with no tattoos) think that if a tat doesn't have some major deep hidden meaning then it's a bad tat. I have to get something straight here and now. I want to clear the air over a couple of things.

1. Just because a girl has a lower back tattoo does NOT mean she is a tramp. First of all I had mine way before Wedding Crashers came out. Do not gather your words of wisdom from movies that have Will Ferrell in them. I have a lower back tat it's true. I love it and chose the location simply because a.) I find it sexy. b.) It was the best location on my body that if I want I can cover so I can go to work. People only know I have this tattoo if I choose to expose it. You would NEVER know it's there otherwise.

2. Not every tattoo has a deep meaning. I have covered this before. Ironically all of mine do mean something to me....the last one I just had done, has the most meaning for sure.

3. Finally the third thing please STOP telling us how it will look when we are old. We do not care. Your ass will sag and get wrinkly when you're old too. (No I have no ass tats and never plan on that) We don't care if it gets faded when we're 70. We don't care if the words are harder to read when we are 85. Honestly aren't we all gonna be wrinkly old bags anyway??? So who cares?

I do not have plans to get anymore tattoos. I have three and I'm done. I can cover each one so that no one will ever be able to see them when I work. I show them when I want, and expose them when I want. It works for me. So how about you? Any tattoos out there?


Southern Sage said...

I have none.

I find them sexy on chicks, but if I were to advise it I would say to get it for you and surely not to be sexy to someone else. I find them the most sexy on chicks is they are like peek-a-boo's. Sometimes if she moves just right I can see em and sometimes I can't. I don't find tats I can see all the time on chicks sexy, but that is personal preference.

Karsun said...

I have two. Both are on my forearm but I love wearing long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up half way so I can show them off or cover them up. One is in Latin that says In God's Grace and the other is some small flowers in deep hues of purple, blue and red.


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