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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perfect Lasagna


I made lasagna tonight. I just looooove lasagna! I don't make it often since it's so fattening. I just remember why I love it so much when do. Yummo as Rachel Ray would say.

I do have an addiction to cooking shows, food network etc. I think it has gotten worse over time and my family is being driven insane. I usually just watch them at night but I never make the family watch them. I prefer much just do it while I'm in bed. The rest of the family would rather play Gears of War or something. I have to say I'm not a video game person. I used to be. Long ago, growing up in a family of 4 girls I ruled those video games. I could beat Mario in about 15 minutes. I knew all the secret pathways, etc. I started dating my hubby who plays a lot of games and it was not a turn taking thing. HE played the games. So I didn't play anymore. I got stuck watching them all the freaking time. lol So I got incredibly sick of them. I couldn't stand it anymore. Usually when the video games get turned on I run for the hills. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Daddy? Funny Things that Kids Say

OK. Is this funny to you? My daughter Gabbi is four years old. I myself am a pale girl. I like to have a tan but you know I'm very white. haha I don't want skin cancer so I stick with a little bronzer (not orange stuff) but you know, to get a little pretty color. My husband however is a tan dude. He's got a naturally darker complexion. My daughter Gabbi is whiter than me. She's just a pale girl. She'll probably get freckles like me too. Well she was rubbing my hubby's arm the other night fondly and said out of the blue "I wish I had a white daddy."

OMG! This sounded so wrong. The innocence of a child you know? lol My husband asked her "What color am I?" She said "Brown." Very funny. But ooooh so wrong. Could be taken the wrong way and I have no idea why in the world she would say something like that other than that we are both lighter than the hubby. I found it hilarious and almost peed my pants. Kids say the most shocking things! But you know, you teach them and move on right? Yikes!

Monday, January 16, 2012


My daughter's name is Angelina. I love this song and found it because of her name a long time ago. Many may not even realize Billy Bob Thornton is a singer as well as an actor. I think his voice is pretty good. He made this song for Angelina Jolie while they were together. I love this tune even if their relationship didn't last. I am not fond of the camera zooming in so close on his face for 99% of the video. I think they could have done that better, but whatever. The song is good!

Laryngitis Sucks!

I lose my voice at least 6 times a year. That's a guestimate. I do lose it a lot though. This past weekend has been no exception to that rule. I lost it again. This time it has been worse than any other time. My daughter Lexi lost her voice first. She had a cold, etc. The whole thing. I told her to keep her germs away from me, but it didn't work. I got them. I of course have to endlessly tease her about this! You would think out of all the time I have spent in the hospital I would have an immune system made of steel but no. I have been sick and though today I do have somewhat more of a voice it's still laughable. I can't talk well and it hurts to cough. I guess it's that time of year folks.

I did enjoy my weekend however. Yesterday I was spoiled with chicken noodle soup and a day in bed. It cannot last forever though. Laundry is calling my name today. Boy how I wish it would forget my  name!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You know what I hate? I hate it when we're out at a really nice restaurant (or hell Burger King for that matter) and my hubby's phone rings and he answers the call. See, my husband works at a factory. It's loud there. I only assume it's why he's always really loud when he answers that phone. I think everyone in the restaurant knows the status of the plant any time he gets a call. I get embarrassed, but nothing I can do. He's the site manager and so the phone rings and I plead for him to NOT answer or leave and call back but no dice. He answers and it's LOUD and annoying.

I hate it when other people do this so it's only fair that I hate it when my hubby does this. Here's to hoping he doesn't read my blog today!!! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pregnant with Cancer: What To Expect Giveaway

Pregnant with Cancer: What To Expect Giveaway

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicken Parmesan and Pumpkin Cake

I made both of these two things in the past two days. I am happy to say the cake is pretty much gone thanks to having a few kids around the house. I had some and it was excellent. I really do not like having the temptation around.I love cooking but unfortunately with that food comes the temptation to eat it all and then of course gain a million pounds! I am still trying to figure out how to be the cook I want to be while at the same time not eating it all and gaining weight. I usually just end up resisting the urge to bake so the temptation is not there. I do love trying new recipes though.

The pumpkin "cake" recipe was actually for pumpkin bars. The bars were much more like a cake. They were not worthy of being called a bar because they most definitely were not. I had read the reviews on the recipe and was perfectly ok with this. I wanted more of a cake anyway. It was great. I got rave reviews on it. I made chicken Parmesan for the first time. It's crazy since pasta is my favorite food EVER and chicken Parmesan is a super fave of mine. It turned out great. I would still tweak the recipe a bit next time. Not enough sauce for my liking. I like a lot of it. Also the cooking time on the chicken was not nearly enough. I had to adjust that as well.

I wish I had taken pics but I did not. You'll have to use your imagination. As you can see I'm enjoying being free of school. I am still studying for NCLEX and will be taking the boards soon. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Consumer Complaints for Ripside Interactive, LLC - Nebraska, South Dakota and Southwest Iowa BBB

Consumer Complaints for Ripside Interactive, LLC - Nebraska, South Dakota and Southwest Iowa BBB

I can only say that Village Photos has disappeared yet they keep charging my account each month. I am getting to my wits end here. I have lost over 1000 photos! I know I know. Keep them backed up. I did. My computer fried so they are gone forever. I thought I was backing them up. The website for village photos has claimed now for months that they are moving to a new location. This same message has been displayed for months! I have been paying monthly for a service I am not receiving. If anyone has any new information or updates on village photos and their LACK of communication with faithful paying customers, let me know. I linked to the Better Business Bureau. Their address is gone and their number is disconnected. I smell a crime. :(

Ever Get Tired of Being the Nice Guy?

I joined facebook before it was really a popular thing to do. I was in college in 2005 and yes there were people on there but honestly everyone was still loving Myspace. I was a part of both. I have always been very computer savvy. I did things on a computer in school when no one else could. Anyway I developed friendships online through various sites and on my blog. I don't do creepy things online and I try to be fairly selective in my friendships. There was a time I was home alone a lot and I made friends. I frequently had people treat me as though my friendships were odd or not real but in my opinion those people live in the dark ages. You can make friends online these days. I'm not the type of person who would meet someone online. I see no reason to do that. I separate the two worlds. However the idea of communicating online has not been a big deal to me for a very long time.

Moving on, family joined facebook. There became a surge of new people on my friends list who started judging my friendships with people who I didn't know in real life, male or female. I can explain to people that I am friends with a person online but I'm wasting my breath. They find it weird no matter what I do. If I were a single women looking for a date online I would probably understand their concern but I'm not looking for a relationship. I have blogger friends, and other social networking friends. To me it's just so not relevant to my relationship with anyone else. I knew family judged me. I come from a large Baptist family. Judgement is sort of a given. I ignore it. I know I'm a good person and a smart person as well. I get some rude opinions on occasion but you know, whatever. I get a little ruffled and move on. Last night I posted 3 pictures from my night on New Years Eve. I almost immediately received a rude comment from a family member stating that "I must have really liked that outfit because I posted a ton of pictures in it." If you are interested in what those pictures are scroll down, that's them in my last post. So, yeah. Whatever. I was offended for more than one reason. 1) That was rude to say 2) this is MY space and who are you to invade it with rude comments? and 3) this person has never been nice to me a single day in my life.

So I did what any sane person would do. I deleted them from my page. I blocked them. I have a very large family and I have dealt with rude, judgmental people all my life. I have been married for a loooooooong time. I have four beautiful daughters, I have beaten cancer, I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and yet, it seems, some of my family chooses to only pick out my flaws and decide that I'm a bad person or something. I cuss on occasion, I drink a little bit and sometimes I wear a short skirt when I go out. I may even snap a couple of pictures because I look hot. Yes this is what people in my Baptist family don't like. I say, kiss my ass. If you don't like it, don't look. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Feeling Better and Happy New Year!


I have been feeling better since I ranted about not feeling well. It seems perhaps the bug decided to leave that night. Whatever it was, it was unpleasant and I do not care to have it visit again! I am feeling good though and relaxing today. I had a great New Years Eve with my hubby and sister and brother in law. It was a fun night. I still haven't gone out for my birthday. I should be doing that this next weekend. I'm looking forward to that. We didn't do anything because my birthday is stuck smack dab in the middle between Christmas and New Years. It sucks but there is never enough cash to do it all. I have ALWAYS hated that.

I am glad I was able to go out and enjoy myself. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Day!

My Gold Skirt. I love it. -->


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