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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Has Come!!

I am hoping to get a call about my glasses today. I still want to take some pictures in them. I seriously doubt I would ever wear glasses outside the home or on a regular basis in any way but I do wear them around the home and especially at night while lying in bed watching TV or something. I am pretty stoked about getting new ones. I have had my old ones for about 7 years. The new ones are pink. I am a lover of pink. They'll match my hair extensions. Ha!

Regardless it is Friday and I need to get out. I have had too much stress lately. This week has been a real doozy and I just want to get away. It pretty much ALL involves kids. Almost. I'd say a good 95% of it. Oh and I think the neighbor boy has a crush on me. That's another story entirely. I need to get away with just my sister and girlfriends sometime soon. That sounds like a seriously AWESOME night.


Johanna said...

I just discovered your blogs and I will follow you (here and on Twitter) from now on! Your story really touched me. Let me know if there's anything I can post on my website that would help you get the message out.

Lidian said...

I'm quite happy to see another weekend, too. No packed lunches for two whole days! :)

beth said...

Just talking to my sister right now and I miss being with her.

Mike J said...

Well of course the neighbor boy has a crush on you!

Mike Foster said...

I hope your weekend helps you chill and, about that neighbor boy crush?


Anonymous said...


that sounds like a cool plan, wearing your new glasses (the pink ones), and spending time with quality peeps and unwinding and having fun....

take some pics of your adventure....



Rebecca said...

I know the feeling but my need to get away is because of the so-called "adults". For me - kids are easier to handle and much more reasonable :-)


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