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Monday, August 31, 2009

Want to Have a Heart Attack? Try The New KFC Double Down Sandwich!

This past week I came across a sandwich that does not at all look like a sandwich. Why? There is no bread. Instead there are two fried chicken filets as a bun if you will. Filled in this bun of fried chicken goodness is cheese...and lots of it. Oh and of course bacon. Let's not forget the bacon! Take a look at this artery clogging sandwich!

Here's the combo.

Yum! haha I can't say this thing would taste bad. Actually it might be pretty good. But seriously do we need it? My hubby saw it and said yum. I guarantee he'll try it eventually. Oye.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Good Weekend

I did have a good weekend. It's always nice when that happens isn't it? I am a bit upset about the "s" being out only laptop. It's the coffee's fault! Like I tell my hubby. The cup keeps flying out of my hand and landing on my keyboard. Damn those flying coffee cups. Regardless I am using the On-Screen keyboard for the letter s. So if I miss a few, please forgive me. I will spell check but you know. It happens?

Anyway Friday night was going to be spent at home pretty much not doing anything other than maybe watching a movie or whatever but a good friend Jeff gave my hubby a call and begged us to get out. We wanted to anyway so it did not take much begging. We got a babysitter and went out where another friend was DJ'ing and my sister's band also happened to be playing. At different times obviously. There were some bad sound issues at first. I felt really sorry for my sister because she really is an awesome singer. The band rocks. The drummer reminds me of Dana Carvey's drum scene in Wayne's world 2. lol I just watched it the other day. That is why it came to mind. God could that guy play the freaking drums. Wow. Anyway yeah....the next band that came up was good but less my taste. They did a whole lot of screaming literally. So we left to hit a few other places. I ended up dancing the night away with my friend Denise and some of her friends and my hubby and his friends. It was an awesome time. I admit to not feeling 100% sober when I got home.

That is a delicate way of putting it. haha I was pretty gone. I had a great time though and needed the stress reliever. I wanted to add that I am no longer importing this particular blog as notes onto my Facebook. Way too many family joined and now I feel I have to sensor what I say here. I do not want to feel that way. Since I feel that is the only way the majority of my family reads this then I won't feel such a need to sensor myself. I drink. I like to party and shake my butt on occasion. I come from a large family of Baptists so this kind of makes me a bad seed I think. Only on occasion. ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeff Dunham Posted a Video

He posted it on Facebook....and it had nothing to do with him. I found this amusing. I thought I'd share. Oh and yeah I added Jeff Dunham to my Facebook. What can I say? You really should watch this. I don't think I would try to go and sing to the beats. The little girl is adorable. The guy at the end is jut incredible. Not to mention the beat boxer himself. He is really good.

I am pretty tired and have accepted this is my life now. I am ok with it. It's so important to me to reach my goals! I just might need a margarita tomorrow night. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So This is What Totally Exhausted Feels Like

I am wiped out. I got up REALLY early, got myself ready all the while reminding myself I had to make it through this road construction to get to class. I have to do this 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a night class on Wednesday too. My other classes are on a different campus. Anyway I dropped the girls off at school pretty early, took Gabbi to daycare and then did the traffic thing. I sat and sat and finally pulled up to the school. There were signs blocking off a lot of the parking lots saying they were full. Uhhhh yeah. I had no choice but to drive until I found something. I walked into my 9 a.m. class at about 9:04. Yes I was STILL a few minutes late. The thing is? I am going as early as I can. My girls are being dropped off at school before they can go into the building as it is. They wait outside. Gabbi is being dropped off a little earlier than I had told them she would be as well. So it's not like I can take my kids to school 40 minutes early you know? My drive to school by the way counting sitting in traffic is over an hour easy. Without traffic I'd say the drive is about 45 minutes or so. I do it twice one Wednesday. I am heading to my first math class tonight. I wonder what the traffic will be like around 5:30? :( UUUUGH.

See the first pic? I was behind that car obviously and can you see the miles of cars in the right lane and the bridge in the distance. This is what I am sitting in. I took this last pic while I was sitting on the bridge waiting. Apparently I need to clean bug guts off my window. (Mental note)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's Aging Like Milk

That would be a funny line from one of my favorite skits by Jeff Dunham and Walter. Hilarious stuff let me tell you. He's coming around my area this year and I really would LOVE to go. I hope it is happens. I am crossing my fingers and toes.

My second day of school went much better. I really enjoy the idea of a Criminology class. Let's see how much I like it a few weeks in though. The teacher looks like he should be a gym teacher...or a cop on Law and Order, or CSI. There are a ton of young kids in the class...the majority, males around 18-20. I can totally see that age group having an interest in this sort of thing.

Why not enjoy a little bit of Walter before I go?

Rated PG-13 by the way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Truly Bad Morning

Today was my firt day of class. I had a philosophy class at nine. I also have to wake up 3 girls for school. I have to manage to get myself ready, get the kids ready and fed, then wake up the baby and get her fed and taken care of. I then drop off the kids at school and take Gabbi to Daycare. Today was her first day.

Things began to go wrong when I was only about 5 minutes away from the Daycare. I got stuck behind a truck carrying one of those large blinking arrows that they use during road construction. I was many cars back and no one was passing. He was cruising at about 10 miles an hour TOPS. Finally after having lost way too much time for my first day of class I got Gabbi dropped off and headed out to the college.

About 3 miles from the school when things were looking hopeful it got destroyed again. It became a one lane road the rest of the way to the school. This lane moved slower than the previous truck. We were not moving much of the time. I got to school at probably 9:15. My class started at 9:00. Unsure of what I should do I parked 8 million mile away since it was the only spot available and then walked another 1000 miles to the class that I realized I could not find. I saw the numbers on the building 231.......234....uhh....wait. I need 232. I go back. Yes that is 231. I go ahead again. 234. Well where in the world is 232? I then get the ingenious idea to go INTO the building at 231 and see if gets me to 232 which it does. By then it's 9:30 a.m. and my class is over at you guessed it. I missed my first day. I was fighting tears! I could not believe my perfect day was ruined. So I came home and immediately e-mailed the teacher to explain and get any assignments. I do hope he understands.

What a horrible horrible morning! I hope that construction doesn't delay me like this every day. I saw a sign on the way home on one of the roads with no construction claiming construction begins on August 31st. Now go back and read my older post complaining about all the freaking road construction. I don't care about nice roads anymore. I am getting ticked off!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Night Out and A Broken Keyboard

Well only the e and the s don't work actually. I use the onscreen keyboard. This won't be a huge post. It takes too long! I can use the hubby's laptop too though. I just want to add a pic from this laptop. I got out last night at the last minute. It was fun and got to see my favorite local band again, Short Lived Fun. I was in my PJ' already when we decided to I threw myslelf together kinda fast. Here is the pic from our fun night out.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miley's Pole Dancing?

I love getting out to a club and dancing on a pole as much as the next gal but let me tell you I do find this inappropriate. I don't get bothered by much of the teen celebrities craziness. Even when Britney kept flashing her goods I didn't care. But this girl has to me a lot of promise. She's young still and hasn't yet spiraled totally out of control. I believe she is on her way though. Why am I talking about Miley Cyrus? Well I read that she did some pole dancing bit on the Teen Choice Awards. Actually it said she danced and sang by a pole. So I thought oh whatever it can't be THAT bad right? Well.....I was wrong.

The girl in the background seems a tiny bit creeped out by it.

Let me ask ONE question. Is that her bra? Where is the back of her shirt? If you have no back you don't show your bra. This style ticks me off actually. Girls....I do NOT want to see your bra hanging out like some redneck trailer trash chick ok? Cover it up. This is not style. It's stupid.

She is like 15 or 16. Billy is sticking up for her which is fine. He is her dad. But celebrity or not, this is not ok. I have daughters. This is not ok. It's not right to put her on display like that and it's not right for her to flaunt it to every pedophile on the planet ok? She needs to be a better role model. She is losing it fast. It's now totally nerdy to wear anything Hanna Montanna or to be seen carrying a backpack with Hanna on it. Trust me....ask my 9 year old. Ha!

Road Construction Capital of the World!

I am thinking that Illinois might have just earned that title. Or at least the area where I live. What is up with all the road construction? I was stuck in traffic for the 8 billionth time recently due to construction and I just thought to myself "well hey at least they have a job." So I try not to complain "too" much. I like having nicer roads but I also wish I didn't keep getting trapped on one lane roads. It's terribly insane.

Oh and my hubby is now stuck waiting on a one lane road with my supper! could get ugly.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thinking of an Old Story

I was going to write about something else and then remembered a story I told one of my girls last night and thought I'd share. This is a 100% true story. This happened to me as a child and I have always sort of blown it off. There is an explanation of course and perhaps a bit of coincidence but it makes for a good story anyway.

When I was in 3rd grade and at the tender age of 8 years old my dad decided to add a room on to our home. My sisters and I all shared a bedroom. It was cramped with 3 of us. We had a bunk bed but my sister Cindi and I were just too big to share it anymore. We were so excited at the prospect of finally having this big giant room with our own beds. Our room was located right next to the kitchen. My dad tore out the wall separating the kitchen and our bedroom because he also planned on expanding the kitchen. We had a wood burning stove in our living room. I could see the kitchen and into the living room from my bed.

One night after we had all gone to bed I woke up for just a few moments. My parents kept the house pitch black. There was no night light, nothing. I hated that but when mom and dad made a rule, that was that. I rolled over and opened my eyes and saw into the living room. I saw very clearly a white glowing mist right where the wood burning stove would be. I remember it very clearly. I see it like I did then. I was scared of course being 8. I immediately assumed it was a ghost. I slammed my eyes shut thinking if I didn't see it it would go away and not be real. Then a little thought entered my mind. What if it were smoke? What if my house was burning down? I thought to myself "That won't happen to me." I fell back to sleep.

One week later my house burned to the ground. I kid you not. It was destroyed. I was in school as were my sisters. My parents room was the only room untouched. It was the room they were sleeping in. My dad threw my mom naked out the bedroom window onto a pile of glass then joined her as well. Dad's fingers were melted and they both had lots of cuts and scrapes. Mom had no voice left from smoke inhalation. But their room was perfect. You could go in there and pretend it had never happened. The smell of smoke and charred carpet is the only thing that ruined that dream. My dad burned his fingers opening his bedroom door. The fire was right there. I never forgot what I saw that night. I never knew for sure what it was. I didn't want to see it. I just wanted to sleep. I was only a kid. It's more the thought I had that has always freaked me out. I never ever let myself believe that "it won't happen to me." I haven't since and honestly my life has more than proved it can indeed happen to me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mirror Pic

Doesn't every person have a pic of themselves holding their digital camera looking in the mirror these days? I have seen my fair share of these pics. Actually I have seen multitudes of the same few shots on many sites. There is the kissy face....which of course I had to imitate. I posted it here once. Not sure where it is at the moment and don't feel like searching for it! I have seen so many of these pics of people in their mirrors. Many times the mirrors are covered in splatters of something or smudges and smears and of course you don't notice that until you take a really great pic of yourself in the mirror right? I love seeing the various kinds of pictures people take. Peace sign....lip sticking out.....angles above the head. But there is one girl who beat them all. She has the same pose in every single picture of her. No variety same side of her face, same lip pout....all the same. Makes me wonder if any photoshop is involved but regardless, it's worth watching if you are in need of a laugh. :)

I Think I'll Do It

I'm going to host a giveaway pretty soon on this blog. I have some really cool digital picture frames. Yes I have a few. I got a great deal on them and me being me could not pass them up. I might just give one out to one of my lovely readers. I figure why not spoil those who like to read what I pour out onto my blog? Well not only this but there is another giveaway right now. I am not hosting it but I am linking it from my other blog. I was informed that if I could get 40 people to sign up through my site I would be compensated in the amount of $100. Ummm yeah I could use that. Who couldn't right? So you can sign up to win some Ugg Boots and at the same time be helping a girl out. It's a win win right? Well just go over to my other blog here:

Follow that link and enter. It's pretty simple. It's not one of those giveaways that says you have to sign here, subscribe there, post here and there and search all over the place. No. I don't even bother with those because I haven't the time. This one however isn't so bad. And the boots are VERY in style. Win them for your girlfriend, wife, or yourself! Cold weather is coming fast for some of us. These would make a great gift too. Oh and all entrants get 15% off so I really think this is a win win situation all around. So what are you waiting for?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Passed and a Lazy Sunday

Seriously...this is a very lazy Sunday. I fell asleep on the couch with the hubby sitting on the couch next to me. I hadn't really wanted to fall asleep. I started to dream and I dreamnt pretty much of trying to wake up. I kept dreaming of getting up and doing things and finally right before I really woke up I dreamt I sat up looked at the hubby and said "Honey, can you hear me talking?" He looked at me and said "No". So I knew I was still asleep and finally managed to wake myself up. This is a TRUE story. I am serious here. What stupid dream is that?

Anyway I did pass my CPR and AED class so now I am certified by the American Heart Association. How cool is that? I think it's pretty cool and I even got a perfect score on the written exam. And you were worried.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paperwork.....Paperwork and Oh More Paperwork

Yeah I am filling out a lot of it. With school coming up and daycare for the baby I have TONS of paperwork. I hate paperwork. Do any of us enjoy it? There is always inevitably something I do not have the answer to and have to ask about. I am also studying (or pretending to) study this BLS book for my CPR class on Saturday. I really wish I wasn't going to be there amongst a group of people I do not know. It's going to make the day seem that much longer. I'll survive though. I will manage somehow.

Other than all of this excitement I have nothing new to report. I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of relaxation then begins the craziness. One bit of good news is that my English class does not start until October. I'm not really sure why but hey I'll have more time to focus on my other classes and kind of getting into the groove of things.

Well I think I'm going to sneak off and play Bejeweled for a little while. I have a score to beat.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Isn't It Ironic?

Yeah that's an Alanis song but it's not what I am talking about. Today I was on Facebook and a friend of mine whom I have known since grade school Jodi posted a video. She mentioned it was an old high school friend singing and so I, having gone to school with her, decided to check it out and see if knew him as well. I definitely know who he is but he was about 3 grades ahead of me. I doubt he remembers me. haha Regardless the song he was singing was hilarious to say the least. I am not sure if he made it up or what but I was cracking up and thought I'd share. Why do I say it's ironic? Well in my previous post I wrote about playing Bejeweled and beating high scores. Now watch the video and you'll know what I am talking about. :)

Wow...It's Already Tuesday?

I've pretty much lost track of time. Yesterday I went out to the college to get my books for fall. I have the Basic Life Support Class on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Yes it's going to be a long day. I have to score at least 84% on my written test to pass. There is obviously a hands on part I have to pass as well. I am just kinda nervous about it....but not too much. My English Composition class actually does not start until October 10. I have no idea why it starts late but I am not complaining. The rest of my classes start the 24th of this month. I am enjoying my time off to say the least.

I have taken up a new obsession during my time off. I play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. Yeah it's the kind of game I truly like. It's fun and I just do it over and over. I see other people's scores on my friend's list and then of course try to beat them. Some people though are just way out of my league. I can't seem to beat their scores no matter how hard I try. Ah well. I have fun anyway.

Other than this my week I would say is fairly boring. I don't have too much excitement going on right at the moment. I am just enjoying relaxing while I still can! If you want to call it that. I was up until 3 a.m. with a crabby baby who didn't want to sleep but whatever. Nothing's ever perfect.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Party, New Friends, and Singing!

I had a great time last night. We had some friends over for a few drinks and it was a really good time. We sang some karaoke, played some Guitar Hero and chatted a lot. There was a little dancing on occasion as well. My hubby made a great drink that I managed to consume quite a few of. Tentcamper commented on my last post as to why my hubby had to learn to make it. Well he is the bartender. He is like THE bartender. I stress that this is something he loves to do, is known for and whenever he sees that I enjoy a drink he already mentally has the recipe in his head. He's awesome like that and I just enjoy the benefits of it.

I made some new friends when I went out a few weeks ago. I invited them over last night and they came along with their hubbies. They are awesome groupies! haha I sang a few tunes and they enjoyed it and danced along which is always nice. I got pretty goofy and had a really good time just letting loose after a whole lot of stress in my life. Things are starting to level out I think. That's always good. Enjoy a few pics of our goofiness!

Don't ask. I have no clue. haha

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Day Yesterday But Partying Tonight!

That's right. I want to party tonight so we are getting together some friends and hopefully drinking some margaritas and or this new drink I had that I LOVED. It's called a Strawberry Colada and yes, that is like a Pina Colada with strawberries. It was awesome. I want another but hubby has to learn to make it for me tonight. haha

Reasons to party?

1. I am now 18 months cancer free. (good enough on it's own)

2. My dad is feeling better and things are looking better for now.

3. I got all A's in my summer classes.

I am sure I can think of more, but you know, these will do for now. Yesterday I was gone all day, hence the long day. I picked up the daughter from camp, made a four hour drive to my doctor, had a good checkup then went to the mall and had some food. It was a great day!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Few Things to Do

I am going to go see my daughter at camp today. It really isn't that far away. I am packing up the kids and heading out. My father is in surgery today too. I want to go see him but I am waiting until he gets home tonight. They did a PET scan and guess what? It came back clear. It didn't see any cancer. So this mass is benign. Not sure yet what it is but he does have gallstones. He is having the gallbladder removed. I am so anxious to see him being healthy again. This can just seem like a distant nightmare soon I hope. I had really thought all this time it was pancreatic cancer because seriously you can check every symptom he has off the list. Gallstones is the closest thing in similarity to symptoms and it appears as my best case scenario might be coming true! He is starting surgery this very moment. (Prayers for dad) His surgery is 2 hours, recovery 2 hours and then he is coming home. I am anxious to see him get better. I want to see him walking around with energy again instead of like a snail hunched over so far he's staring at his toes all day. I have hated to seeing him sick. This is good news!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Pretty Happy

Why you ask? Well I got my Psychology grade. I knew it would be but I don't say anything until I see it in writing. I got an A! And here is my GPA:

Lazy Day

This is one of those days. I was supposed to go get a physical and some shots for school today. (Yes me) A huge storm rolled in right before that and I wasn't sure if I should attempt it. It cleared up pretty quick but I decided to reschedule it anyway. I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck or something because I cannot turn my head to the right at all. It hurts. I need a deep massage! This happens to everyone on occasion I think. I just need to work this knot out of my shoulder/neck area. It sucks! I just decided to be lazy. I filled out some paperwork for school but other than that? I played Bejeweled and got a high score of over 90,000 on Facebook. Haha That's the extent of it. I guess I should go cook supper.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guess What I Need? guessed it. I need a margarita. I haven't gotten out in awhile. Between school and kids who has time? I want to get out though before my classes start again. I am determined actually to make it happen. I missed a couple's night out last night with some friends because of a lack of a babysitter. I found someone who might be able to watch the kids for me at a decent price but man I need to relax. I have a terrible headache. I am wanting some alone time with the hubby too. I mean we all need that now and again right?

I am however sending off my oldest to camp this week. I have decided to do it. It will be good for her. She has gotten insanely excited since I just mentioned the slight possibility I'd let her go. Now she won't leave me alone about it. I think I'll miss her this week. I know I will. She helps out a lot here. I think it's going to be good for both of us though!

Oh and my dad's surgery is Thursday. It's scary because they haven't totally ruled out cancer yet. He is not getting around too good and it scares me. I don't like seeing him so weak. It happened so suddenly. I don't get it. I hope it's just the gallbladder but I don't know. He is in a lot of pain in his stomach area and he is just so tired and slow right now. My dad is only 56. I just am not ready for this right now. I want him to just get back to the fishing already.


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