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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dreaming of Numbers, Hot Shoes, and Sore Feet

I have a big math test again tonight. I have wanted to make sure I get an A on this test so I have studied like mad. I have a lot of formulas to work with which fortunately the teacher is not asking us to memorize. The problem though is remembering what each letter stands for in the formula. Most of the letters do not have anything to do with what they represent.

I studied last night. I did the homework, I worked on the practice test. Then all night long I dreamt of numbers and formulas. It was awful. Top that off with the fact that my legs and muscles are STILL sore from Saturday night. It's odd actually. I have not had this happen so bad before. I wore some stilettos. I love these shoes and have worn them before with no trouble. They have spiral sides that go up the leg. Hard to explain but seriously hot. Anyway, the bottom portion of the spiral dug into the top of my foot creating some irritating discomfort. OK. Maybe it's because I was dancing hardcore in them? Not sure. So then they begin to irritate my feet in general. I remove them. At first my feet were both sore and the muscles going all the way up my legs into my rear. lol Now it's just the left foot and leg. My leg is sore all the way up the back. My foot feels like it's recovering from an injury on the top. So perhaps I did injure myself and just didn't realize it. At the end of the night I took my shoes off and jumped on the hubbies back so he could take me to the car. Literally. Perhaps I won't be dancing in those shoes again!


Michelle said...

I hate when that happens. You've got a great pair of heels and just can't take the pain. I can't begin to tell you all the shoes that I just love but can't wear them because of the pain. Good luck on the math test. Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderfully sweet comment. You rock!


ChocDrop said...

First I have to give you KUDOS for wearing those sexy shoes. I don't know how women do it. I can barely walk in my tennis shoes, lol.

BTW, love the new pic you have posted.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hope you aced the test. I cannot imagine going back to school again, especially with little kids! I still have nightmares about college and going to school. Kudos to you for your dedication and desire!

Hope your feet feel better soon. Those fashionable shoes are killers for your feet though. I wore high heels for several years in my corporate job and my feet will never be the same. Nothing but practical and comfortable shoes for me now!

House Raising Houston, TX said...

I'm sorry. That sucks!

<3 Linds


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