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Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Go Back in Time

The year is 1992. I am outside my high school after lunch. I had a class that I had to go to at a nearby high school. This made my lunch time after everyone else's. Long story, we were a small school. I had one friend who also went there for a class too. The seniors were out already for the summer. They always got out early. There was a giant group of them parked in front of the high school listening to loud music surrounding a car. I and my friend Beth were just casually chatting sitting on a step at the edge of the sidewalk. We saw the group of guys out of the corner of our eye. We knew what seniors did. We knew we could be their next targets. We sat, kind of thinking they might do it. In some ways, we kind of hoped they might.

Then it happened. I saw him coming. He was running towards me. I saw the bucket in his hands and figured this one was certainly going to make the most of it. Another one was running at Beth. The super soaker was cocked and ready. He chased her as I felt the bucket full of cold water pour over the top of my head, soaking my WHITE shirt. Yes he targeted me because I wore white. Everyone got to see the color of my bra that day. You see, all seniors for as long as I can remember got water balloons, water guns, buckets, whatever and went around soaking anyone they could find. During school hours, after school hours. It was all game. I liked being the target. I figured it would be a water gun and NOT a bucket buy hey. Beth got soaked too though not quite as bad as me. It's a fond memory.

And the bucket holder? Well, he must have liked my bra because he's now my husband.


Lulu said...

thanks for sharing the story... of the bucket man...I smiled reading it...

Anonymous said...

well good thing you wore a bra I reckon!

ChocDrop said...

What a great story...and it has such a happy ending.

ChocDrop said...

That was a cute story...I am glad it had such a happy ending.
BTW, you two look great together.

TD said...

That's awesome. Very similar to my own history. Thanks for sharing!


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