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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Ad I Have Seen Yet!

OK. Check out this ad. Notice anything ODD? For one they are not the same girl. No one can convince me of that EVER. Second, that first chick is totally pregnant! I have been there a few times and being "fat" does not look the same as being pregnant. That top chick is no before shot. She is several months along. Any woman can see this and my guess is a few men too! So, should pregnant women be offended that in this ad they are claiming they lost all that fat? LOL Yeah. At least I am not seeing the yellow teeth ad as often. *shudder*


Daphenne said...

Yeah I think you've definitely got a winner there. The first girl is so obviously pregnant. Mind you if we could all bounce back like our second contestant leads us to believe, wouldn't life be grand?

Quadmama said...

Oh how lame. How dumb does this advertiser think we are??

The Diamond Blog said...

So...are they saying have that baby and you'll lose the weight? Genius...

Karsun said...

I saw that one too and said the exact same thing - she's pregnant!

ChocDrop said...

It is very obvious she is pregnant. There is no way that those two are the same people.


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