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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hilarious Movie Mistakes

During math class last night we learned about something called the Pythagorean Theorem. Now I have heard it before but it's been ages. The funny thing was that they mentioned the movie The Wizard of Oz in this section because when the scarecrow gets his brains at the end of the movie? Or his diploma I should say, he tries to recite this but he gets it entirely wrong. Yes...the so called smart thing the scarecrow said was totally incorrect. I find that hilarious. My book also mentioned a website that I have found mildly entertaining. It's called Movie Mistakes.

I actually kind of like looking at the pictures of mistakes. I have heard of these before. One of the ones I remember first learning about was in that movie with Danny Devito and Arnold...Swars...uh...something. I have no idea how to spell his name and don't feel like looking it up! Anyway it is the movie Twins and if you look at the scene in the bathroom they are talking and there is a beer bottle in the background. Next shot the beer bottle is miraculously gone. So that was kind of funny. This site is FULL of those things. The Wizard of Oz is full of them including Dorothy's hair growing between shots. It gets a lot longer and then a lot shorter. There is more but check it out. Look up your favorite movie. See what you come up with. It's amazing the mistakes they make like boom mics in the frame or cars driving in the background like in Lord of the Rings. I hear they cut it out of the DVD release though. Darn. What funny mistakes do you know of?

Oh and by the way. I got a 108 on my math test. :) Woot!


ChocDrop said...

I have heard of this but have never checked it out. I will be checking it out, it will probably keep me occupied for hours.

ChocDrop said...

BTW, how is math class going?

mckhoii said...

hahaha! i love bloooopers :D

The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, I love movie mistakes. I have several books which list 100's of examples. Very cool.


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