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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Speaking Of Water Balloons

I mentioned in my previous post about the attack of the seniors with all the water balloons, water guns, etc. Well this was not the only attack on me I ever experienced. There is actually a worse one. My own senior year.

Now, I am giving something away here so please be kind. The year is 1994. haha Yes.....way back in 1994 I was 18 and graduating from high school. As usual the seniors were flinging water at people. This was my class so I of course thought it was great until I was driving home from school one day. I turned left to go down a back road home. I got up to around 20 miles an hour when a big group of guys from my class came out from behind a bush, or tree or something and they all bombed my car with water balloons. Let me just say BAD idea. They threw water balloons at my windshield. I am assuming there were around 10 to 15 guys. I thought at first there was just water all over my windshield but no. It was glass. My windshield was shattered. It was completely broken. Glass was coming in on me and my sister. The whole window was barely hanging on.

I was pretty ticked off actually because the guys saw what they did and they all ran way. I mean, come on. Run away? Leave me there? They ended up paying for it actually. A few of them came up later and apologized but me and some friends were stranded. Maybe some didn't realize they broke my windshield but some I am sure didn't care in the least. We got a ride home though and my dad came back and got my car. It was my only means of transportation so to say the least it didn't leave me too happy. My guess is those guys stopped throwing water balloons at moving vehicles after that though.


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

I had no idea water balloons could break a car windshield.... hmmmm, good to know! Glad you were ok! (leave it to teenage boys!)

ChocDrop said...

I have never heard of water balloons being so 'famous'. Oh man broke the windshield....glad you caught them. said...

Some prankster loaded the ballon with sand ...or cement....i remember the good ol water balloon days myself.


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