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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Reminder!!!

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I am tired and overworked today. I have had WAY too much homework to do. I have finished the Psychology for the day though thank God. I am so sick of it I could puke. I want to hear nothing more about it the rest of this weekend.

Tomorrow night will be spent studying for yet another math test. This is what summer classes are about. Insanity! You have to do at least two chapters at once. I am learning something new while trying to grasp what I was just taught. It's crazy. I wanted to go out tonight but have no babysitter. My dad has been sick and I'll be honest, I am very worried. He is yellow. Yes his eyes are yellow too. I know this signifies his liver so my sisters and I have been yelling at him to go to the doc. He was taking a cholesterol lowering drug that seemed to coincide with him getting very ill. He stopped the pill. He finally went to the hospital. I am waiting to hear something. Ugh.


Leanne said...

Yikes. I hope your Dad's okay. You're in the rough spot right now with school. It'll get easier though and you'll be glad you stuck it out.... Honest. Now, I gotta go to my reading for my class. :)


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