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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Crazy Week

I haven't had a ton of computer time lately. Between my dad getting so sick and all the school work I have had to do it's been a crazy week! My dad has to get his pancreas checked tomorrow which makes me nervous. I won't invite trouble though. We'll just wait and see how it goes. He says he feels a bit better and the pain isn't as bad. He is still quite yellow though so I am hoping he begins to feel better soon.

I had TONS to do today. I took one kid in to see a GI doc. LONG story. After that I went to get her an x-ray and then went to see my dad at the hospital. We visited for awhile then went and got some food. After that we went to the mall.

All this time the hubby was off getting a new tattoo. You see, he got this horrible Chinese tribal emblem a few years ago that I always thought was trendy and blah. It didn't suit him at all. He didn't much care for it either so he went into today to get a cover up done. It is looking pretty awesome. I have a couple of tats myself. You can't see them, nor would most people guess at all that I have them. I have two. I can cover them with my clothing and show them if I want as well. Lower and upper back is what I have. Hubby has a tribal band with dragon heads around the arm. I am not huge on tribals but the dragon heads do make it unique. His shoulder and arm have a gorgeous blue dragon. I told him to get blue because at the time I was reading Aragorn which is a much better book then movie and has a blue dragon in it. He got his new dragon outlined and shaded today. Color will be added later. I kept myself busy with my girls. We had a good day.

And to top this day off I was told if dad's tests come back good tomorrow he may get released. Yeah :) I sure hope so.

Here's the hubby's tat in progress. The one beside it is a J and S intertwined and an idea hubby and I worked on together. I have the same one in pink in the same location (but smaller). Obviously it stands for our names. Jason and Sandi.


ChocDrop said...

I like the J and S thing. But really loving the new dragon tat....nice work

mommaruth said...

I love the J&S tattoo -- I have the number 4:45 intertwined like that for my daughter (it was her birthtime). Very cool idea!!!


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