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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Broken Phone

They shipped out my new phone and I got it today. I have to go and get my contacts all transferred over and the new phone activated probably tonight. Until then I am still working around this old phone with the broken screen. It's funny I am referring to it as an "old phone" considering it's still pretty new. I have had it a few months and dropped it oh...20 times. Seriously sometimes I feel it flies right out of my hands. The one time I asked my 12 year old to hold it in the store, she dropped it. It was no big deal. It was no different than any of the times I have dropped it, including on concrete but this time for some reason the internal screen cracked. It's a touch screen so this poses multiple problems. Anyway I got my new phone today and they included a card with all three Mission Impossible movies. So hey, I got something extra out of the deal. They never gave me a card with the first one. I noticed my keypad freezing up and not being able to back up when I want to so this is very welcomed. Yeah! Now look at the broken screen. =/

The truly funny thing? I took a picture of the broken phone with my new phone. haha For some reason I am getting my texts on both phones but am unable to call or text from my new phone. Odd.


Anonymous said...

mine still has an antenna!

ChocDrop said...

Good Luck navigating around the new phone. I am having a heck of time learning my new phone. I got a LG VU.
What kind did you get?

Sandi said...

I actually have the Samsung Delve and I replaced it with the same phone. I had it covered with my insurance but had to pay a $50 deductible. Same phone. I got it brand new just a few months ago. Oh and an antenna!!! LOL oh my.

Grampy said...

I broke mine and it took forever to get use to the new one.


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