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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Had Fun Turning the Hubby Into a Monster

Literally! I was on Facebook today and I am a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings on there. Yes. I am serious! I don't know why. For fun I guess? Anyway they posted this Monsterizer machine today. People were turning themselves into fairly hideous looking monsters. Of course, I have no desire to look so gross so I did it to my hubby! haha He won't mind looking like a werewolf and I gave myself an injury to make it appear as though he attacked me then posed for a pic. Nice eh? I thought so. I had fun anyway. Here's the link


cornyman said...

Hello sandi,

i think women have a special kind of humor when it comes to such things like letting morphing other people, especially their boyfriends or husbands, into different kind of animals/monsters or backgrounds.

My wife likes to do this, too. No more so often as some months ago (because now she shots more pictures from our little baby boy - my luck *lol*).

Have a great time monsterizing ;-)


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