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Monday, July 27, 2009

What Was Going On In the World.....

When I was in high school? Well I found this and couldn't resist. How many of you remember the years 1990 to 1994? Well this may refresh your memory a bit. This might give you an idea of my age. I remember this stuff like it was yesterday though some of it makes me chuckle. Hammer pants. Ha! Vanilla Ice. (I still know all the words to that song!) The Cowboys won a couple of Super Bowls. Maybe three? I do forget that for sure. Michael Jordan was kicking major butt. Who can forget "Rescue.......911!" Hope you smile as much as I did!

If you can't see the video just click the link below.


Anonymous said...

Gladly I neva wore hammer pants!!

ChocDrop said...

I can't even believe that hammer pants were even popular. Glad that style came and

Rescue 911....I used to love it.

plin said...

Sure does bring back memories. The era where MJ was unstoppable.

Only if Arnold would stop coming back....


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