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Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Memory of BJ

I had a post all ready to go today. But I will put it aside for awhile. My neighbor's 17 year old son has passed away. My daughter Lexi is very good friends with his sister. BJ had a heart condition and had surgery many times but was doing well and had even bought his first car. He was jogging a couple of blocks over and from what I have heard he suffered heart failure or a heart attack. I am not positive and I do not think now is the time to ask. Regardless we are all shocked and very saddened at the loss of this young boy and I know for one it will be so weird to not see him outside. On the outside he was the picture of health. He did yard work with his brother all over this town. I saw him drive up and down this street several times a day. I just want to say he will be missed by all and my heart is breaking for his parents. This post is for you BJ.

*(If any details are inaccurate I will edit this but for now my daughter Lexi has told me he was 16. I am not 100% positive on this. I only know he just got a car and he had an older teenage brother.)

*edited to say he was 17. I just read the obituary. He would have been a junior this year at our local high school. This school dealt with a suicide just this past Christmas. This will be very tough on the kids at our school. It's just so awful.


dddiva said...

I'm so sorry, prayers will be said for the young man and his family and classmates.

Anonymous said...

thats surely sux Sunshine.


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