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Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeling Better and Finals Are OVER!!!!

My arm is feeling much better today. I honestly was not sure that it would with how much it hurt yesterday, but surprisingly I can bend it pretty well without too much discomfort. I don't like it touched or bumped but otherwise it's not bad.

I did my Psychology final last night and so that's it. I am done. The teacher will post grades on Monday. I hate that I have to wait until then but hey, I'll manage! Now I am off until August 15th. I have an all day Basic Life Support Class. I will be CPR certified after that day. I find that pretty darn cool! haha

After that my first class is not until August 24th. I am just going to try and enjoy my time off. I'll have a lot more classes this fall. And guess what? Another math class!!! I have gotten an A in each college math class I have taken. I have set a pattern and now I have to try SUPER hard to not let that change. I was worried about this class, but I managed. So here's to hoping I can do it again!!


ChocDrop said...


Congrats on getting through the semester. Seems like you have the math thing down to a science (no pun intended).

Angel said...

That is awesome that you made it through this semester. You are accomplishing so much, and that is so wonderful! Glad that your arm is feeling better, and enjoy your time off. It sounds like you will be busy this fall!

Take care:)

netbook said...

What an excellent blog you have here! In my mission to start my own writing blog this has given me real inspiration!


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