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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Hubby Stole the Gamer Girl in Me....But He Doesn't Believe It

Many many years ago, I LOVED video games. That's right. I was obsessed. It all started with Frogger and Pitfall. So I revealed my age. Fine. I am not a spring chicken. haha I am not THAT old either. I am an 80's child. I loved Madonna and bangle bracelets. Anyway, back to the point. I loved video games. I hated watching others "take their turn." I always wanted to play. When Super Nintendo came out I was addicted hardcore to Super Mario. I could beat it pretty fast, though I forget exactly how fast. I knew all the secret pipes and I knew how to get that princess at the end. I loved it!

Fast forward to around 1996. I married the husband in 1995. I was 19. In 1996 we moved into a house that we rented. The owner decided he wanted to sell the house kind of out of the blue so we had to move. We moved in with his parents for a few months while we were looking for a place. We lived in a room upstairs. I found out I was pregnant while we were there too. It was our first child. I was tired, nauseated and cooped up in that room all the time. I had TWO jobs. I was working at a local newspaper. I also worked at A&W. Go figure that one. Anyway my husband had nothing much to do in that room but play video games. This was before laptops and internet so he had the TV every second of every moment we were ever in that room. All my free time was spent lying on the bed in that room listening to my husband play Nintendo games. Mostly it was this game called Robot Golf. OH good lord you haven't seen anything until you've watched robots play golf against each other for a million hours.

During those days was when I stopped enjoying video games. The girl who hated sharing games was suddenly not the one who got to play. My husband wanted to play even more than me. So there he played. He was like 21 at the time. He was a young guy, playing video games for hours. I love my man and he is a very very hard working guy. He always has been. But he seriously loves his games in his free time. I started despising video games. I began to hate them. I hated the "sound" of them. I didn't want to even look at them anymore. I spent so much time lying there being bored out of my mind watching and listening. He didn't understand at the time how much it sucked just watching. If he didn't play HE was bored. But ummm hello! What about me who didn't play at all. Yeah. YUCK. Anyway that is what happened to me.

I have a Nintendo DS and a Gameboy Advance of my own. I even beat a SIMS game on it. I enjoyed a few Harry Potter games. I can play now without thinking about those hours of torture anymore. It's enough of a distant memory that I can maybe enjoy some games of my own. But that girl I used to be is long gone. Unfortunately the hubby really never met her. That was BEFORE him. He has a hard time believing I could ever have been that way. You'll have to ask my now 21 year old little sister. She'll tell you who taught her to play video games. :)


MommaWannabe said...

Hehhe I used to love playing but I kinda lost interest when I went to college...dunno why:)

newest in mylife said...

Hmm...different hubby...


The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, I loved Frogger and Pitfall. Also Contra, back on the Nintendo 64. I'm sorry that he helped destroy the gamer in you. But hey, you're never too old for a comeback!


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