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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tripped by A Cord

That looks nasty doesn't it? Well my elbow is killing me though it's better than it was. I was getting up and walking out of the living to go cook supper. I was on the phone with my hubby. I saw that my daughter had plugged in the Nintendo DS on the floor to charge it. Gabbi grabbed it as I passed and pulled the cord tight. It went up in the air, my foot came down and the cord went between my toes. I tried to right myself but it was too late. I came crashing down elbow first into a corner of a sort of half wall that it is my living room. I dropped to the ground panting and silently screaming in pain. I told the hubby to hold on because I'd hurt myself. I thought the pain would lessen but it got worse. I thought it would go away but it didn't. The hubby was on his way home and by the time he got there my elbow was swelling and the arm around it. We decided it was best to get x-rays which we did and it's not broken just very bruised. I am feeling a bit better at the moment. It depends on how I move it. I wonder if it will turn all kinds of pretty colors? haha


Mara said...

Oooooh OUCH!!

Melissa said...

ouch, yes it does look very painful.

Mee2 said...

I swear, tripping by catching the cord between your toes is the worst! Looks painful...hope you heal soon. Does icing it help any?

Sandi said...

Yes icing it actually does help quite a bit. Doc told me to do that along with elevation and ibuprofen. It's feeling a bit better today.

Angel said...

Owiieeee! I would have been cussing like a sailor:-D Hope it is starting to feel better.

Take care:)

TC said...

Ooooh boy. That looks like a real knocker. You didn't tie her up with the cord after that did you? ;-)


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