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Monday, June 1, 2009

Thunder, Lightening, Hail and Driving In It All

Yes I just drove in a pretty awful storm. It's been an interesting day to say the least. The weather man just said there have been over 3000 lightening strikes over the area in the last 30 minutes. Wow. It was even more amazing driving in it. Normally I would never drive in a down pour. Quite literally you couldn't see two feet in front of you.

My day started with an 11:30 appointment with my college adviser. The college is about 35 minutes or so away. She didn't have my transcripts which so dumb in my opinion. Not her fault but the school hadn't translated them or something. She didn't know which math class to put me in, but I am required to take two specific ones. Without those I couldn't start Nursing College in January. So this was very important. She had no clue what classes I needed either. I thought that's what advisers were supposed to help you with. Anyway, luckily I had already called the school and talked to the lady in charge of the program and knew which classes I needed. Right down to the class numbers. So I got all signed up and had to head back home.

Then I had to e-mail the guy in charge of the transcripts and figure out if I needed to take another math placement test. Luckily I didn't and my other math classes did qualify me to take the ones I needed. I am all signed up and have a full schedule. I had to go BACK to the college though to discuss the whole financial thing because no one can really afford to just fork over that much money all at once. I am doing the whole student loans thing. They are really screwing me around though because now I have yet ANOTHER form to fill out and turn back in. I have to fill out a separate additional form for the summer classes. The other ones I did don't even count. So I have to digitally sign some stuff, print it out and go again back to the college tomorrow. I need to buy books! This is not good. I need my books by June 8th and honestly I don't know that they'll have my information back yet. I have a feeling I'll be going out to the school a lot in the next few days.

Back to my initial point though. I had heard the weather report called for some possible thunderstorms. The sun was shining, the weather warm, so I figured we'd get back in time. Not so. No, the rain started shortly after we left the school and it poured so hard. Then the hail came and it pounded my car too. I drove slow the whole way home and finally pulled safely into my garage. There are tons of storm warnings now and I'm going to sit back and just enjoy it from the safety of my living room!


ChocDrop said...

I love a good rain storm. There is no doubt that I must be in the comfort of my own home. No driving in that crap!!
Those books are so expensive, don't get sticker shock, it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glaad you made it home safe and sound!

Mystery Man said...

you're better than me. i could never do that. i onl drive in the rai nwhen i have to

Melissa said...

Ah yes the pleasures of college. They will get it together, sometimes you wonder though. I hate driving in those awful storms too, though it is better than snow, and ice.


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