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Friday, June 12, 2009

Anyone Ever Lie About You?

This is too frequent in my family. I am pretty sick of it too. I hate it when people who have nothing better to do with their time create lies or elaborate on stories just because they are bored, or have nothing better to do. So many idiot things have been said about me over the years. I talked about coming from a large family and it does have it's benefits sometimes, but the bad thing is you are always hearing stuff that just is not true about you or someone else in the family. I hear stories that are so incredibly far fetched that I hate to repeat it for fear it implants an idea into my readers heads that it COULD be true.

One such rumor that has flown insanely around my family is that I have an eating disorder. Oh yes. An aunt whose granddaughter I used to baby sit for actually once went around telling everyone in the family that I was bulimic. Ok. I am thin. I like to BE thin. I have never made myself throw up. Or do they realize that anorexia and bulimia are TWO different things? They were probably thinking it was anorexic because even if I did throw up, how the hell would they know? I even had this family telling people it is what caused my cancer. Seriously!!! My opinion was that just because they are all overweight they feel I can't be thin unless I am doing it by making myself puke or starve myself. It's not true. I love to eat. I do eat, but I also know how to control it if I see the scale creeping up. I learned it after many years of trying to keep my weight down. I was never really overweight but a little bigger than I am now. It hurts that others would believe it. That's what hurts the most. Not the lies themselves, but that people I care about would ever believe it. It's insane. I have made it known that anyone who says things about me like this are no friends of mine. If it were true, I'd deal with it. I am a fighter. I don't want to kill myself to be thin. Sorry! Oh and that's NOT the lie that's currently going around. That's just an example of previous lies. Ha!


Isabella said...

That really sucks that after all you've been through, you have to hear that kind of crap circling around about you...especially from family! I've dealt with stuff like this before...ugh! No fun.

Speaking of eating disorders, my fosterparents were so convinced I had an eating disorder that they sent me to a nutritionist for a consult. What did she say to them? "She's just skinny! Keep saying she has an eating disorder when she doesn't and she may end up developing one." LOL

Sending you some Friday love! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

can't pick ur family thats for sure!

I'd reply if someone said Aunt Beterr'n You said you were bulimic, I'd say well if I was going to be a fat ass like her then I'd surely do whatever it took to not be"!

ChocDrop said...

Oh people have lied about me forever. I have learned to brush it off my back. Someone is always jealous of lol At least that is one way of putting it.
Family can be so critical and hurtful. I live 600 miles away and am better for it.

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

My theory is that if people aren't talking about me, my life must be too boring.... Start a rumor about yourself and see how it comes backatcha, like the game "Telephone." That'll fix 'em!

ann martin said...

Who needs enemies when you've got family? I feel for you, been there, done that, I'm sorry to say.

The Constant Complainer said...

I hate family drama. It's the worse.

I agree with what Ann Martin said too.


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