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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Using My Brain

I enjoyed my math class last night. I have been studying Psychology ALL day long. Quite literally the online course is easily the hardest. I do so well in classes with a teacher present. It's hard concentrating and not being interrupted at home with the Psych class. I did do some of my study guide and read through MOST of chapter 1. In the first week I need to read all of chapter's one and two. I have to submit a question that no one else has asked in an essay question form on the discussion board. I also need to answer a question in full essay form that no one else has yet answered. I then have a quiz for each chapter to do. I have 25 minutes for each quiz and these must be done by Monday at noon. I submitted a question today, but there are NO questions left to answer. I am afraid I'll find a question, work out an awesome essay and then someone else will have answered it. I also cannot just answer directly from the book or study guide. I have to apply it to real life situations and my own thoughts and ideas. Seriously....I really prefer the math.

So to all you math whizzes out there I have a question for you. My teacher asked this last night. Take all the numbers, 1 to 100 and add them together. No calculators. You have 2 minutes. Go.

Please don't rack your brain all night on this. There is a secret to it. haha I'll tell the secret later. :) Oh and to all the math nerds out there, you probably already know it.


ChocDrop said...

I did not use a calculator but I figure it out. It took me more that 2 minutes. The answer is 5000.

Bill said...

Wow thats to hard for me. I would have to use a calculator lol.

Anonymous said...

50 times 100.

take 1+99

so yes it seems 50x100 would get you the answer. if there are 100 numbers and every coupling can get you 100 then there are 50 possible couplings that get you 100 so fiddy times a hunnerd!

am I right am I right?

No math wiz here.


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