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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Official. I'm Stressed Out.

Just ask the hubby. He'll tell you. It all hit me today. All the school stuff and running back and forth and the baby being sick this past week has taken it's toll. Actually one of the older kids has some stomach issues (always has) and we had tests done on that this past week too. It takes awhile but eventually it's too much. Even when I sit here at home, either a kid is yelling for me, the phone is ringing, I have more papers or online forms to fill out or calls to make or a kid gets sick. Top that with laundry, keeping the house clean and cooking the meals, well I went over the edge today.

The baby had what I believe is an allergic reaction to Zithromax. Wasn't sure at first, but called the doc who thinks so. 2 days after she took it she was covered in a rash from head to bottom of her belly. We stopped it but she seems ok now. Still have no clue for sure what was wrong because first doc said ear infection, second doc says her ear was ok. So whatever. Who knows. I am just done. I want a break. A rest, a vacation. I want a place where I care about nothing. My life has really been a huge gigantic blob of stress. I usually do ok but today I am terribly pessimistic. I get that way only really badly when I am stressed. So I need to relax somehow. I skipped supper. I got angry at the timer on the stove when it beeped. That's how you know for sure the stress has gotten to me. Let me sit for 5 minutes!!!! Grrr.


ChocDrop said...

Oh, Sandy I know exactly what you mean. I hope you are still relaxing and you didn't blow up the

Anonymous said...

Well Sugar I hope that it gets better. Everyone goes though these things.

Good JuJu from me to you!!!

Andy said...

"Breath deep...and throw back a tequilla." ~Buddha

Rebecca said...

I was feeling the same way on the same day. I didn't want the phone to ring, didn't want anyone knocking on my door, didn't want anyone else in the house. I nearly put a sign on the door "Do not disturb until Thursday"

I made sure to go to bed early that night and felt much better the next day. (although I think I hit the snooze button three times)

Have a great weekend Sandy!


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