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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to School

It's Monday and that is a school day for me. I had a really good weekend. You can see from my pics below in my previous post. We actually got a little crazy and started posing. I really don't want to show the other ones on my blog. lol We were having a great time. It got off to a crazy start of course being me. We were having terrible weather. There were some severe thunderstorm warnings and I drove through it AGAIN. Nothing was keeping me in though. It wasn't "supposed" to rain after a certain time so I figured it shouldn't be too bad. It wasn't long after I left though that I noticed how dark it was, the rain blowing sideways and the debris blowing across the road. About the time I started to second guess myself it stopped. It didn't get bad the rest of the night so I am thankful for that.

Today however is a different story. It was math time. Oh and the answer to the elevator problem was 6. You can go back and refer to the problem if you like. haha I had another test today. This one wasn't hard at all in some spots. In other spots it required a whole lot of brain power. I don't even have the option of turning my brain off on the weekends like I would love to. I am doing homework pretty much 24/7 and when I am not I should be! I finished up Psychology and rushed through the math today wishing I had not put it off over the weekend. We'll see how the test went later this week. The 27th should be fun. I am supposed to be helping out a friend. He is a DJ and is doing a club night. I am going to be a bartender for the night. I am going to make a little cash. Mostly though I am helping a friend and I get out! I hope I get to shake the booty at least a little bit.


ChocDrop said...

It is so nice to get out and let your hair down and help a friend. Love the math questions, I like the challenge, so far I have not gotten any right but the thought process was there. Keep up the good grades!

GypsyFox said...

looks like you had a great girls night out!..p.s. I hate math! lol :)

The Constant Complainer said...

Like ChocDrop said, it's always nice to get out and let your hair down.

Good luck with the studies.


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