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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Math Question

Some very close answers here. Actually if you add 1 to 100 you get 101. Then add 2 to 99, you still get 101. Take 3 to 98. guess what? It equals 101. So you have 50 pairs that add up to 101. You take 101 and multiply that by 50...or half your original number. The answer is 5050. You can do it with any numbers. It works. I have been a total geek trying it out. I have a quiz after class tonight so I better remember this! Try a much lower number, like just 1 to 4 or helps seeing how it works I think.

Anyway, I have been working my butt off getting this stuff done. I am not sure I like a certain thing about the Internet class. I have to submit an essay style answer to a question put onto the Discussion board by another class member. This is part of the assignment as well. (asking a question) However there are NO questions to answer. The few that are up, have already been answered. I can do nothing until something else does their assignment. Great!

School talk is so boring don't you think? Seriously, when did I start talking about math for fun?

I really hope the rest of the week brings some sunshine. I need to get out into it. I feel like a recluse this week being stuck inside doing homework from the time I wake up until I sleep. I am looking forward to a day this month I am supposed to go out with friends. It may not happen due to lack of funds, but I really would like to. A night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered!


Dwacon® said...

We need to bring back schoolhouse rock...


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