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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Life? Yep. More Excitement!

Well to me it is anyway. I had a doctor's appointment for the little one today. The hubby ended up calling in pain from work, needing to get to the doc himself. So I called, set up an appointment for him and once he got home I got the baby and headed out to her appointment. It was just a regular checkup, nothing fancy but I was glad to have it done since she just got over a couple of virus's.

After this I needed to pick up a prescription, but first I had to wait for it to be filled. I had 20 minutes of waiting for that. So I headed over to the store to pick up a few items I needed. I went to Subway to get a $5 foooooootlooooooooooong. Yes I just sang that. Anyway. It was tasty....and my 12 year old who went with me dropped my phone while I was waiting to order. My 12 year old, was holding my fairly brand new Samsung Delve touch screen phone and she dropped it on the floor....causing the screen to fracture internally spidering out in 3 beautiful lines all the way across my screen. This is a touch screen. My screen is cracked in 3 places! So I headed over to US Cellular. I have insurance. There is a $50 deductible. (CRAP) My hubby's name is on the account so even though I started the process of filling out the claim HE has to call them back, give the claim number, pay the $50 then they will ship me a new phone. Then after that I have to send MY phone back to them. OY. It's always something.

Oh and the hubby is ok. ;)


ChocDrop said...

It's good to hear everyone is doing ok. I just got a touch phone and I am so afraid of messing it up after a week. I miss my flip phone....tear

Christina Bledsoe said...

Hi. I saw your link on The Constant Complainers blog roll and decided to check your site out. That totally sucks about your phone :(

Amorous Rocker said...

I just sang the $5 foot long as I read it. Ok and again as I typed it. Lol.

Replacing cell phones with insurance claimes always seems to be such a PAIN in the... =)


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