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Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Zoo For Me This Weekend

I wanted to go to the zoo again. We bought a membership and frankly it's the only FREE thing we can do. Well not technically but since it's paid for already, we can go whenever we feel like it. It wasn't to be though. I had to finish up my online coursework, which I did. Now I have math. One great thing about summer classes is that they will be over at the end of July. The bad thing? I have to smash all this information into my brain. It's not all that easy really.

I am still planning on going out with the girls on the 19th. I'll make sure I am not behind in my work when the day arrives so I can get out. I truly need it after the past few weeks. I was pretty upset the other day. Someone told my sister I said something that was completely and totally insane. I am so not a confrontational person. I pretty much love everyone unless you specifically do something to wrong me. I am also very straight forward. I'll pretty much tell you what's on my mind. I have no reason to hold back. So that was the kind of lie told about me. Someone took my words, added a little here, sprinkled a little there, subtracted, divided, rounded off and came out with something that was NOTHING that I originally said. It kinda ticks me off.

(Great. Now I am relating life to mathematical terms.)


ChocDrop said...

The math thing just proves you are remembering something no matter how fast it is coming at you!!! A night out will be fun and a nice distraction with everything.

Trooper Thorn said...

Zoo's are never boring because the animals are always doing some new wacky thing each visit.


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