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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Night Out With the Girls

Yep as long as things go as planned I am going out tonight with the girls. I fully intend on drinking a margarita and relaxing. After all this homework and classes I am ready to relax. Finally everyone here seems healthy so I am just ready to take a breather. I hope nothing gets in my way. I need to find out what time to meet the girls too. I am pretty excited but need to finish up an entire chapter of Psychology still. Work work work! Oh but I did get a 94% on my math test. I knew I would miss at least one of the story problems. Here it is folks. Some of you will get this fast. For those of us who make these things way too complicated, don't feel bad. I worked really hard and ended up getting the wrong answer which is why I had no 100%!

An elevator can hold 20 children, or 15 adults. The elevator already has 12 children on it. How many more adults can it hold?

Yep. Got this one wrong. The hubby however had the correct answer IN his head in less than 30 seconds. I am not ashamed to say I got mad at him. lol My teacher showed a way of answering this that was SO much more simple than the way I was going about it.


Cameron said...

Have a great night out....booze sounds good :)



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