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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Vacation?

I don't really think it feels like a summer vacation. It could have something to do with my constant studying, school and homework. Perhaps it's the lack of swimming or money? haha

It's been a crazy year and it's just getting crazier. I hope this recession thing ends soon. They keep saying it's over but um, for whom? It's not over for anyone around here. No one has their job back. We have our job thankfully but not without a pay cut. I don't know how much more we can take. The stress is hitting me over the head today. I need to go study. It's LESS stressful.

I honestly am at my whits end thinking of ways to help or contribute. I'll be so glad when I am working as a nurse. At least then I will always feel like I am doing everything I can and also I feel the health care industry is a fairly safe one. Even though there have been cuts in that profession around here as well.

You know what's odd? All of my friends are nurses. Quite literally even those who were not a couple of years ago are now. My choice to be a nurse has ZERO to do with this. I started back at college in 2005 to be a dental hygienist. I thought it would be fast and easy. It's not true. Maybe a dental assistant is, but not a hygienist. I decided it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to be a nurse. I was going to go for my LPN and then thought what the hell? Let's go all the way to RN. I got a taste of that and thought you know, why not go for my Bachelor's? That would be awesome! So I am now going for my BSN. At the rate I am going, one day I'll be a freaking doctor. haha


ChocDrop said...

It is good that you did find the way to look at your education without some major expense. I believe you will be happier with that choice.

Bill said...

I agree with you Sandi this recession is hurting everybody. I am glad i am a vet so i get a check from uncle sam every month. Then i have my check and wifes check so we are not to bad but i see it effecting everybody. I know you will make a great nurse my friend good luck in all your studies.

The Constant Complainer said...

I used to be a recruiter for the Cleveland Clinic. It's amazing the deals we were cutting for nurse recruits back in the day. Now, you're absolutely right; that is the field to get into. You can write your own ticket on hours, days, shift and location (within a hospital for example). Awesome!

Hicham said...

Sandi + the lovely family :)

It has been a quite long time since I stopped by any of your blogs, however I l quite EntreCard few months ago. I saw you avatar over Mona's (Rebellious Arab Girl) so got myself an e-ride and here I am commenting!

As for the post, it's a quite crazy world especially loosing jobs and/or salary cut-out. You are into nurseing as it's appears from your blog(s) so go for what you see you can do it whatever

Melissa said...

I wish I had gone straight to my RN, but LPN was free in high school, so I chose that. I will never regret, RN has its own pitfalls. If you have the time, but with school it might be hard, check out west at home, or chacha, they are both work at home jobs where you can make a little extra cash to get through the hard times.

Angel said...

Your passion, enthusiasm, and ambition is inspiring!


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