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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hard at Work!!!

There are all kinds of men right outside my front door today. They are cutting lots of branches getting them away from power lines. They are walking back and forth in bright yellow vests and stacking huge piles of branches in my front yard. There are cones on either end of the street. They have been here all day long. I understand they are tired but this was hilarious. I looked outside and one of them was taking a nice nap under the tree by my driveway. Ha! Click pic to enlarge!


The Constant Complainer said...

I love it. A job well done perhaps... Or a worker who should be working... Haha! You be the judge!

I love photo opportunities like this. Nice work, Sandi!

Anonymous said...


ChocDrop said...

If he was working that hard he deserved that little moment of

Dwacon® said...

You attract hard working men?


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