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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Warmer Weather FINALLY!

I do talk about the weather a lot. After a seemingly long winter and then endless rains I am so ready for nice warm days. I want to swim. Actually I'd love to lay out on a beach as the rays beat down on me. Really there is nothing quite like that. I used to hit the tanning bed on occasion. I haven't in ages. I never did it that often. I do manage to get a little tan when I do and quite honestly if I don't I'm pretty pale. I am no spring chicken as they say anymore though and I'd rather not have leather skin or skin cancer so it's not a regular habit but I tell you there is NOTHING more relaxing then going and lying down in the buff (who wants tan lines?) in the tanning bed. I put on the glasses and just lay there with the warm rays enveloping my body and my mind just relaxes. No world...just relaaaaaaaaaxation. Yes. I love the tanning bed even if it is bad for me. My sister once fell asleep in there. I also once had the lid fall on me...but that's a whole new tale. I always cover my face with a towel in the bed. For two reasons. #1 I don't want wrinkles. #2. If I don't I come out with 2039184328947324 freckles.

Now I want to tan. (Bad Sandi. BAD.)


The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, great post!

It always cracks me up to see pictures of people that fall asleep on the tanning bed and get burned. I feel bad for them, but it's still funny. It's always humorous when it's the day before the prom or something.

I hope everything else is treating you OK!!!

ChocDrop said...

I am definetly not one to tan, hee hee. But I love a cold drink and some sun glasses and my music in my ears, just vegging.

Rain, Rain, go away come year

Melissa said...

I have never used the tanning beds, but I do love to be out in the nice warm sun. I have never fallen asleep, but my sister has, and she looked like a candy stiper without the outfit. Beat red on one side, white as a ghost on the other.

Luv a Bargain Sherri said...

I can't wait to feel the warm sun of summer. In NH, I have to wait a lot longer. I love to have a little color. I have to admit I had my days in the tanning bed in college but not in years. I'm like you though....I covered my face:) I loathe wrinkles.

Ori said...

tanning bad is dangerous...
In my country girls want to be as white as they could (because most of us are tan :-D), so bleaching cream is their stuff..which cause cancer too


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