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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John and Kate = Publicity Stunt?

It's what I think. First of all, let me say I have seen this show a couple of times out of pure curiosity. But for the most part when this show comes on I turn the channel as fast as I can. Why? Well why would I want to listen to someone else's 8 kids crying, whining, fighting, screaming or whatever when all I have to do is turn off the tv and hear it in my own home with four of my own children? Or if by some miracle by God all my kids are being quiet why would I want to then watch someones child cry, whine, fight, or yell on TV?

Sometimes when someone else is flipping through the channels and one of those kids is crying I DO think it's one of mine and I start looking around until I calmly realize that yet again, it's John and Kate on TV. My oldest daughter has been known to watch it on occasion.

Now, getting back to my point. This whole thing with John having an affair? Why is this timed perfectly with their new season? I can't look at a magazine, a newspaper (or blog) without reading about this couple and their terrible problems. Everyone is getting involved and has their own opinion (sort of like me here).

The thing is I saw a preview on TV the other day. It sounded like it was promoting some new drama. Slow music, quiet male voice full of emotion, saying something along the lines of tune in while they work through this or whatever. I didn't pay close enough attention. Regardless. I am seriously thinking this is all a publicity stunt. The show was running out of a reason to stay on the air. How many seasons can you watch a family with a ton of kids? It's being done OVER and OVER. By the way, I come from a large family. My grandparents had 16 kids so this is not new to me. The whole multiples fine, that's nice and all but I think they are running out of ideas on this show.

So this is perfect. Everyone wants to tune in to see if they stay together or not. Will they? Won't they? I am sorry to fans of this show. But I truly don't care. I think that if their problems are real? They need to deal with this in private. They need to be GOOD parents and realize all of this information is going to be forever available to their children and grandchildren one day. All of this awful stuff should not be aired out on TV for their poor children to endure. It's humiliating and wrong. You can't repair a marriage in front of a TV camera and crew. It won't happen. NO way. Anyway. This is my two cents. And I found a hilarious video!! I was browsing today. Kate seems to think everyone is dying to have her haircut. Now I think that it suits her fine but thinking everyone wants your hair is a tiiiiiny bit conceited. This woman seems so controlling. I see John cowering in this clip..


Anonymous said...

well, celebrities and their personal affairs are quite complicating, to be honest. ;)

ChocDrop said...

I have not seen the show. I agree about the crying and fighting. Not on my want to watch list. They should have not aired that information and it should have been kept quiet/private.
They are going to be ridiculed and no one is going to let them forget it.

Sonja Dupor said...

I don't think that celebrities' problems are any more complicated than other people's. It's just that some of them choose to profit from those problems. And the media doesn't make it any easier on them. So, if you are desperate to stay in the public eye for whatever reason, you're just going to have to put up with it. A lot of famous people have problems that we don't hear about in the tabloids. They've obviously figured out how to do it.

And I gotta agree with you Sandi on this whole affair thing being a publicity stunt. Even if it isn't, the show is obviously profiting by it, or at least trying to.

The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, you might be on to something here. I don't watch the show regularly, but have seen it a few times. However, I did read that more than 9M viewers tuned in to the first episode of the new season. That goes exactly to your point!

Melissa said...

I have never watched this show, nor do I intend to. I do not even read about them. Why, because I think they have used their children to make millions of dollars, without considering what it might do to their kids. I do not like them.

Jo said...

I am rolling on the floor!! I had that style 5 years ago before anyone knew who she was! Still rolling!!


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